Dallas Love Field, JetWind Power Capture Energy from Planes

by | Jul 28, 2023

Credit: JetWind

Dallas Love Field and JetWind Power are partnering to harness a different kind of energy.

The Texas airport is spearheading a pilot program that captures wind energy generated by aircraft to create clean and sustainable power. The partnership said the pilot program has been successful at capturing large wind gusts and turning that into energy, which can improve sustainability in aviation and other industries. 

The JetWind Power Partnership

Dallas Love Field has been motivated to adopt innovative sustainability programs, and among these initiatives, the collaboration with Dallas-based JetWind Power is among the technologies it is trying to advance. JetWind introduced its Energy Capturing Pod (ECP) system in 2017, presenting a patented concept that converts man-made wind from various transportation sources, including aircraft, into clean and environmentally friendly energy.

The development of the ECP generators involved partnerships with educational institutions, such as Southern Methodist University and Clarkson University. Through modeling and testing, the turbines were engineered to withstand high-speed winds and efficiently convert wind energy into usable power. The outcome is a system capable of saving energy costs while also reducing stress on global energy grids.

Leading the Aviation Industry Towards a Greener Future

As the sole airport in the United States participating in JetWind’s pilot program, Dallas Love Field is using the program to help grow its strategies to improve sustainability in the aviation industry. The strategic placement of the ECP adjacent to the control tower, opposite Gate 9, allows operators to conduct comprehensive testing on energy-capturing capabilities and turbine durability in the face of aircraft-induced wind blasts. Furthermore, the airport’s location, being landlocked, offers an ideal atmosphere for conducting crucial tests.

Dr. T. O. Souryal, the founder of JetWind Power, emphasized that this groundbreaking technology extends beyond aviation, positively impacting the transportation and energy industries as a whole. 

Sustainable Aviation

By capturing and converting wind gusts into sustainable energy, Dallas Love Field’s pilot program with JetWind Power demonstrates the viability of eco-friendly aviation solutions.

The airport’s environmental team is now exploring opportunities to leverage this clean energy to enhance operations and improve the passenger experience. As Love Field continues to adopt such sustainable practices, the airport said it moves closer to achieving its managerial goals of enhancing efficiency and stimulating economic growth while minimizing the industry’s environmental footprint.


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