Constellation, Microsoft to Reduce Carbon Footprint of Virginia Data Center

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by | Jul 3, 2023

(Credit: Canva Pro)

Constellation and Microsoft are working to reduce the carbon footprint of one of Microsoft’s data centers in Boydton, Virginia. This partnership demonstrates the feasibility of matching clean energy generation with real-time energy demand, a step in achieving carbon-free electricity usage.

By using Constellation’s hourly carbon-free energy (CFE) matching platform, Microsoft is making progress toward its goal of operating the data center on 100% carbon-free electricity around the clock.

Hourly CFE Matching

Microsoft will utilize Constellation’s hourly CFE matching platform to track its performance and ensure that its energy usage aligns with its environmental goals. This platform provides accurate accounting and transparency, demonstrating the real-time environmental impact of the data center’s operations. Data centers are considered energy-intensive facilities, and many companies are looking to improve the efficiency of their operations.

Hourly CFE matching is a retail product offered by Constellation, enabled by software technology, and designed to help users achieve sustainability targets by matching power demands with regional carbon-free energy sources.

Constellation and Microsoft Collaboration

Constellation and Microsoft have been at the forefront of expanding this technology, the companies said, making them ideal partners in driving the energy transition. By leveraging Constellation’s innovative Microsoft Azure-based hourly matching CFE platform, companies can now access flexible and comprehensive retail offerings to match their power demands with carbon-free energy sources on an hourly basis. This collaboration hopes other companies with sustainability strategies will look to the idea to reduce their carbon footprint and advance the energy transition.

Clean Energy Procurement

Historically, companies seeking clean energy solutions had limited control over the origin and timing of their energy procurement. With the advent of hourly CFE matching, companies can now ensure that the clean energy they purchase aligns with their specific energy needs in real-time. This approach eliminates the uncertainty associated with traditional clean energy procurement methods and provides incentives for developers to locate clean generation resources where they are most needed.

Hourly CFE enables companies to reduce their reliance on fossil-fueled generation and embrace carbon-free power sources.

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