Climate Change App Store Hits the Market

Calculations on paper

by | Jul 10, 2023

Calculations on paper

Greenly, a carbon accounting and management platform, has launched a new marketplace app store focused on providing tools to measure and reduce users’ carbon footprints. The aptly named Climate App Store is designed to measure and provide options for carbon management. 

The new app store offers multiple tools and resources to aid companies to track their carbon footprint. Greenly is a carbon accounting platform with more than 1,500 corporate clients in France, the United Kingdom, and the United States. It was launched in 2020, helping companies measure their carbon emissions and develop a roadmap to net zero emissions.

Users of the Climate App Store can find a wide selection of carbon calculators to determine their carbon emissions, with both free and premium options available. Companies can find basic features for tracking carbon emissions with the free versions and more advanced functionalities with premium options, including in-depth analysis of carbon footprints. The apps come with data visualization capabilities for users to “identify areas for improvement and make informed decisions on their path towards sustainability,” Greenly stated.

The app store offers several apps for different measuring tools specific to industry needs, such as electricity consumption, event planning, and logistics, as well as digital and tech companies, the finance sector, and the restaurant sector. 

Among the offerings includes a life cycle analysis app, which enables users to calculate the environmental impact of clothing through a textile calculator app, as well as a charging station calculator that determines emissions generated by urban mobilization. Plus, a construction site lifecycle app models the impact of most buildings throughout their lifespan and assesses the building impact over time.

“Anyone, any company should be able to access the most suitable carbon calculator for their activities, to understand the origin of their emissions in detail, and thus identify how to improve their impact,” Alexis Normand, CEO of Greenly, said in a statement. “The most exciting part of this project is that Greenly is no longer alone. We already have a community of over 1,500 user companies and a growing network of developers who want to advance climate accounting. Building an app for the climate is a very concrete way to turn indignation against passivity into a tangible and operational action plan.”

The app store has contributions not only from Greenly, but other developers, as well. The store also includes partner apps, including:

  • Welow: Calculates the carbon footprint of e-commerce websites by matching each product with its relative carbon weight to assess the impact of the entire shopping cart.
  • Estuaire: Models the carbon footprint of an aircraft fleet using public navigation data and aircraft models. It supports the decarbonization of air transportation by offering less emission-intensive flight models.
  • Carbon Offset: Allows companies to actively contribute to verified carbon avoidance or sequestration projects.

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