C-Crete Technologies Introduces Cement-Free Concrete

Cement Truck from Heidelberg Materials

Credit: Heidelberg Materials

by | Jul 17, 2023

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C-Crete Technologies has unveiled a cement-free concrete, a potential option for sustainable building practices. This alternative to traditional Portland cement offers environmental benefits, such as reduced carbon dioxide emissions and the ability to absorb CO2 from the air over time, according to the company, and the cement-free concrete debuted at a commercial building in Seattle.

Reducing Carbon Footprint with Cement-Free Concrete

Portland cement, widely used in construction, is responsible for approximately 7% of global carbon emissions. C-Crete Technologies’ new cement-free concrete reduces the environmental impact of the construction industry by replacing each ton of Portland cement with C-Crete binder. Through this replacement method, approximately 1 ton of carbon emissions can be prevented. 

Cement-Free Concrete Manufacturing and Materials

C-Crete’s cement-free concrete is manufactured using a blend of natural minerals and industrial by-products, ensuring a plentiful and environmentally friendly feedstock. This composition reduces reliance on finite resources.

During its application in the Seattle project, C-Crete’s cement-free concrete demonstrated outstanding performance. With excellent flowability and a loading strength exceeding 5,000 pounds per square inch, it surpasses the ASTM standard of about 4,000 pounds per square inch for most residential, commercial, and infrastructure concrete applications. 

The concrete also meets essential industry standards, bolstering durability against freeze-thaw cycles, alkali-silica reactions, chloride and acid penetrations, and compatibility with conventional concrete admixtures. This compatibility allows for easy integration into existing construction practices, which should make adoption seamless for builders and contractors.

C-Crete is comparable in price to conventional concrete, and the company aims to make it an option for environmentally conscious developers and contractors.

To further accelerate the adoption of sustainable concrete, C-Crete Technologies seeks collaboration with architects, designers, general contractors, ready-mix companies, building owners, and decision-makers involved in infrastructure projects. With the successful application of their concrete in Seattle and their partnership with Heidelberg Materials, a building materials and ready-mix concrete company, C-Crete is hopeful to reshape the construction industry.


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