Andes Releases Nature-Based, Carbon-Removing Technology


by | Jul 26, 2023

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(Credit: Andes)

Carbon removal company, Andes, in partnership with EcoEngineers, has developed a carbon-removing technology that uses natural processes to remove and sequester carbon.

The biotechnology captures and stores carbon permanently in soil, where it is then turned into nutrients naturally by microorganisms in plant roots. These microorganisms then increase water permeability and aeration and increase nutrient availability, which leads to overall healthier soil and crops.

Due to the technology’s ability to improve soil health, Andes targets the agricultural sector.

Farmers may enroll in their carbon removal program in order to store carbon in their soil permanently. Andes reports that the microorganisms they add to agricultural seeds allow for annual carbon removal at a low cost. Further, farmers may increase their net income of operations by up to 25%.

Release of the microbial carbon mineralization technology follows years of work amongst the Andes team, academic institutions, USDA scientists, agricultural communities, and carbon market experts. The technology is currently being validated by Earthood, accredited carbon removal auditor, and it has been deployed on 50,000 acres of farmland in the Midwest United States.

“This methodology is designed to be a transparent blueprint to quantify and credit microbial carbon mineralization,” said Gonzalo Fuenzalida, CEO and co-founder of Andes in a Carbon Herald report. “It will enable Andes to be independently validated and verified by expert third parties for carbon removal activities and provide assurance to our future CDR buyers. It is a critical milestone enabling our scale across the US and towards our ultimate goal of reaching gigaton scale carbon removal in years, not decades. We’d like to thank the renowned experts that dedicated their time working on this.”

Soil Mineralization Place Among Other Carbon Removal Technologies

Carbon removal projects have gained momentum as carbon levels in the atmosphere reach unsustainable levels. A major concern with these technologies is where carbon will be stored once captured. For instance, storing carbon deep underground is currently an option that comes with environmental concerns and a high price tag.

Andes’ technology, which not only captures released carbon, but also improves soil quality through natural processes, presents a more affordable, less damaging alternative to many other carbon capture technologies.

“We believe our methodology is paving the way for CDR companies to sustainably scale up activities, while promoting maximum visibility and transparency in methods,” said Fuenzalida to Carbon Herald. “Ideally, it could also usher in new wave novel projects that use microbial approaches to remove carbon from the atmosphere and promote collaboration to advance our collective understanding of the science.”

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