Ambri’s Liquid Metal Battery System Secures Utility Partnership with Xcel Energy

by | Jul 20, 2023

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Ambri, a provider of Liquid Metal battery systems, has signed an agreement with the utility provider, Xcel Energy that will mark the field deployment of Ambri’s liquid metal batteries, showcasing the product’s potential in a real-world setting. The 300 kilowatt hour system will be jointly tested with Xcel Energy at SolarTAC in Aurora, Colorado, for a year to assess its capabilities and performance. 

Xcel Energy and Ambri’s Liquid Metal Battery System

Xcel Energy and Ambri are set to embark on a 12-month test of the 300 kWh Liquid Metal battery system at SolarTAC. The installation is scheduled to begin in early 2024, with full operation expected later that year. The system will utilize the GridNXT Microgrid Platform at SolarTAC to integrate multiple energy sources, including solar and wind, inverters, load banks, and three-phase distribution connections and communications.

This partnership represents Ambri’s first opportunity to showcase its liquid metal batteries in a utility pilot system deployed in the field. Additionally, it is the first evaluation and demonstration of these advanced batteries by a major U.S. utility. Throughout the testing period, Xcel Energy and Ambri will explore various use cases, such as solar and wind integration, capacity management, arbitrage, and ancillary services.

Xcel Energy’s Commitment to Carbon-Free Electricity

Xcel Energy has been part of the transition to carbon-free electricity. In 2018, the company set a pioneering long-term goal of providing its customers with zero-carbon electricity by 2050. This vision aligns with Xcel Energy’s aim to become a comprehensive clean energy provider, offering zero or net-zero electricity, heating, and transportation to its customers.

Ambri’s partnership with Xcel Energy represents a significant advancement in the commercialization of liquid metal battery systems. The joint test of the 300kWh system at SolarTAC offers an excellent opportunity to assess its capabilities in a real-world setting, showcasing its potential in various use cases.

With Xcel Energy’s dedication to carbon-free electricity and its vision of becoming a comprehensive clean energy provider, this collaboration holds immense promise for the integration of innovative storage technologies into renewable energy portfolios. 

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