Trane Technologies Advances Transformational Heat Pump Technologies

by | Jun 27, 2023


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Trane Technologies is participating in three projects focused on advancing the efficiency of next-generation heat pumps. These projects, supported by grants from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), aim to develop technologies that reduce energy consumption and emissions in heavy industries.

Industrial heat pumps offer a viable solution for electrifying high-temperature heating processes and reducing reliance on fossil fuel combustion in carbon-intensive sectors such as cement production, food and beverage, and chemicals. Trane Technologies is committed to driving sustainable solutions and scaling up climate initiatives to help advance net-zero strategies.

Trane Technologies’ Collaborators

Trane Technologies is collaborating with leading research institutions on three projects to advance the efficiency of next-generation heat pumps. The first project, led by DOE’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory, aims to develop an ultra-high temperature industrial heat pump that incorporates AI-enabled control systems, low-GWP refrigerants, and waste heat recovery for improved sustainability. 

At Purdue University, researchers are working on a higher-temperature industrial heat pump using 3D printing technology for the compressor and exploring thermal energy storage for optimized integration of industrial processes. 

The third project, led by Texas A&M University’s Engineering Experiment Station, focuses on developing a high-performance heat pump system with dehumidification, low-cost sensors, and predictive controls to enhance energy efficiency in food drying while maintaining food quality. These collaborative efforts will contribute to Trane Technologies’ mission of delivering innovative and sustainable climate solutions.

Trane Technologies has already introduced heat pump technologies for commercial buildings, which integrate heating and cooling systems into a single, high-efficiency electric solution. The company has also surpassed the Department of Energy’s requirements for high-efficiency heating in freezing temperatures with its residential cold-climate heat pump.

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