Oceanworks Launches Plastic Action Dashboard

by | Jun 2, 2023


(Credit: Oceanworks)

Oceanworks has launched its Plastic Action Dashboard, which allows organizations to track and communicate their plastic-reducing initiatives.

The new tool supports Oceanworks’ brand partners in accessing blockchain information, material movement tracking, and impact metrics, allowing for supply chain risk reduction and helping consumers understand companies’ plastic reduction efforts. Organizations may also easily format their program data for reporting and marketing purposes.

“Today, transparency is more important than ever, as consumers want to know where their products originate and understand the impact of their purchase decisions. We are thrilled to give brands easy access to the very real stories of their plastic reduction initiatives,” said Vanessa Coleman, CEO of Oceanworks. “Our Plastic Action Dashboard arms our partners with everything they need to effectively and transparently communicate their impact.”

The Plastic Action Dashboard is but one of Oceanworks’ tools that facilitates brand action against its plastic footprint. The new Dashboard specifically allows customers to visualize blockchain data and the effectiveness of their plastic action campaign. Further, the platform allows for cross-department communication and encourages internal collaboration by granting customer access to project information such as procurement and compliance documentation.

Oceanworks Plastic Reduction Measures

Around 11 million metric tons of plastic enter the ocean annually, and each year, plastic pollution accounts for an estimated $2.2 trillion in environmental and social cost. The EPA also estimates that despite recycling efforts, only about 8% of plastic is actually recycled.

Oceanworks’s Impac+ program helps partners go beyond less-than-effective recycling efforts by offsetting their plastic footprint. This may include a commitment to removing a certain amount of plastic from the ocean, incentivizing customer action, or choosing a region to focus on for plastic removal. For example, Glad’s partnership with Oceanworks led to the creation of trash bags created of 50% ocean plastic, and Oceanworks’ partnership with Anne Klein led to the creation of a line of watches made from ocean bound plastic.

With ever-growing concerns over unregulated plastic pollution, Oceanworks creates new markets and opportunities for mismanaged plastic waste.

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