Honeywell Unveils Modular Battery Energy Storage System

honeywell bess modular storage

(Credit: Honeywell)

by | Jun 20, 2023

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Honeywell has unveiled its latest innovation in the energy storage market with the introduction of Honeywell Ionic, a modular battery energy storage system (BESS) that offers improved energy density and reduced installation costs. This compact and flexible system is designed to optimize energy costs, provide backup power, and reduce carbon footprints for commercial and industrial customers, as well as independent power producers.

The Honeywell Ionic Technology

The Honeywell Ionic system features a modular architecture that can be easily deployed with a standard forklift, resulting in simpler site preparation and significant cost savings during installation. With a scalable design, it offers higher energy storage capacity per square foot, ranging from approximately 700 kilowatt hours to 300 megawatt hours in a standard configuration. 

The system can sustain maximum discharge rates for up to two hours, providing customers with a lower installed cost per kilowatt hour. Additionally, the modular approach allows for incremental capacity additions based on individual needs, eliminating the requirement to invest in excess capacity.

Chad Briggs, vice president and general manager of projects and automation solutions at Honeywell Process Solutions, emphasized the company’s commitment to helping customers maximize renewable energy resources. The Honeywell Ionic BESS incorporates safety features such as advanced battery management systems (BMS) and Li-Ion Tamer technology to ensure battery health and system safety, which promotes flexible, low-cost options for customers. 

The BMS supports various battery types and chemistries, ensuring compatibility and future-proofing the system’s core architecture. Liquid cooling is employed to equalize battery temperatures during charging and discharging cycles, which extends the life of the batteries. The system also features a 1500VDC battery stack to maximize power conversion efficiency and offers DC augmentation support.

In addition to its features, Honeywell Ionic complements Honeywell’s existing containerized solutions, including the 20-foot and 40-foot containerized BESS. Honeywell’s technology is used for commercial and industrial applications.


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