Harsco Rebrands to Enviri, Reflecting Environmental Focus

by | Jun 5, 2023

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Harrisburg Car Co., popularly known as Harsco, has rebranded to Enviri Corporation, which the company says reflects its enhanced focus over the past few years on developing and refining environmental and sustainability strategies and offerings.

Harsco has a rich history dating back to 1853 when it produced industrial tools such as railcars, furnaces, and scaffolding. However, as a result of fluctuating profits, the company has decided to undergo rebranding. The company is relocating to Philadelphia and rebranding itself as Enviri, which signals its shift toward environmental cleanup. 

In 1853, a small group of entrepreneurs founded the Harrisburg Car Manufacturing Company, which was inspired by the U.S. railroad system’s development. The company originally manufactured railroad freight cars, but later expanded into oil tank cars and refrigerated cars. Now, as a rebranded entity, Enviri, its new name is intended to reflect its identity as an environmental solutions company.

The company is focused on developing and refining recycling methods.

Enviri’s Focus on Environmental Cleanup

Enviri’s transformation reflects its strategic decision to concentrate on two core business lines related to environmental cleanup. Firstly, the company’s environmental division engages in steel-mill slag and scrap recycling, serving global giants like ArcelorMittal and competing with other local industry leaders. Secondly, Enviri’s Clean Earth division specializes in hazardous-waste processing, catering to clients such as Procter & Gamble, Boeing, and healthcare organizations.

Prior to the most recent rebranding, Enviri also renamed the company back in 2019, changing from Harsco Metals & Minerals rebranded as Harsco Environmental. During 2019, Enviri also acquired Clean Earth, a leader in sustainable solutions for specialty waste streams, further solidifying their transition towards environmental cleanup.

Over the past four years, the company has shifted toward becoming an environmental solutions company that provides services to manage, recycle and beneficially reuse waste and byproduct materials across many industries. While the company has changed its legal name to Enviri, Harsco Environmental, Clean Earth, and Harsco Rail, will continue to operate under their existing names as divisions of Enviri.

A Transition to Sustainability for Enviri Corporation

Enviri’s relocation and rebranding focus on environmental cleanup and leveraging its expertise in steel-mill slag recycling and hazardous-waste processing, the company aims to make a positive impact. Enviri aims to transform waste into reusable resources while delivering exceptional value to its investors, customers, partners, and the communities it serves. 

“As we considered where we are today, how our business has evolved, and our commitment to the environment, it is important to have a name and brand identity that align with this image,” said Enviri CEO Nicholas Grasberger.

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