Divert Processes Over 1 Billion Pounds of Wasted Food

by | Jun 30, 2023

A pile of food waste

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Divert, an impact technology company has processed more than 1 billion pounds of wasted food since 2021, through its initiative, Protecting the Value of Food.

By eliminating the food waste  Divert has also successfully mitigated approximately 80,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), equivalent to removing nearly 18,000 gasoline-powered passenger vehicles on the road per year or powering over 15,000 homes’ electricity usage for a year.

Divert’s Efforts in Tackling the Wasted Food Crisis

Divert’s accomplishment symbolizes their continued leadership and progress in combating the national wasted food crisis, which results in over 126 billion pounds of wasted food annually and contributes up to 10% of global GHG emissions. While there have been increased efforts in waste prevention and mitigation through awareness, regulations, and private-sector initiatives, the scale and complexity of the problem remain a challenge.

Divert’s Strategic Approach and Expansion Plans

Divert is uniquely positioned to make a significant impact on this crisis through its advanced technologies, logistics, and sustainable infrastructure. Over the next eight years, Divert aims to expand its operations to 30 facilities located within 100 miles of 80% of the U.S. population.

With this expansion, Divert plans to process 5% of the wasted food in the country, amounting to 6 billion pounds of wasted food annually by 2031. This expansion demonstrates Divert’s commitment to scaling up its impact and contributing significantly to waste reduction efforts.

Divert’s recent growth includes a significant increase in employee headcount to meet rising demand. The company has also embarked on the construction of its state-of-the-art Integrated Diversion and Energy Facility in Turlock, California. Additionally, Divert has secured a $1 billion infrastructure agreement with Enbridge and received $100 million in growth equity led by Ara Partners to develop anaerobic digestion facilities across the United States.

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