Partnership Builds on Platform to Decarbonize Building Industry

by | Jun 30, 2023

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Cove.tool is partnering with Building Transparency’s EC3 Tool to improve the building industry’s access to information to improve sustainability.

Cove.tool, is a provider of building design and construction software, and Building Transparency, a nonprofit organization that offers open-access data and tools to promote sustainability in the often emissions-intensive industry. This collaboration includes an integration with Building Transparency’s Embodied Carbon in Construction Calculator (EC3), enhancing the industry’s access to insights and data for driving decarbonization strategies internationally.

The Embodied Caron Calculator

EC3 is a free, open-access, global database of construction materials that lists out environmental impacts. By integrating EC3 into cove.tool’s platform of products and solutions, including analysis.tool, loadmodeling.tool, and revgen.tool, cove.tool users can now access carbon emissions data of building products. 

This empowers architects, engineers, and other building professionals to calculate and reduce the embodied carbon impact of their projects.

The partnership emphasizes cove.tool’s dedication to supporting the development of open-source data infrastructures that enable informed decision-making toward improving sustainability. Partnering with Building Transparency and integrating EC3 into their platform enables cove.tool to provide project teams with carbon data across a building’s lifecycle, enabling informed decisions and prioritization of low-carbon options.

Helping the Building Industry Decarbonize

Through this partnership, AEC professionals gain real-time visibility into products and their carbon footprint, making it easier to select those that align with project goals. Building product manufacturers can also communicate with architects and engineers, providing the information and insights needed to identify the most impactful products.

Nilesh Bansal, director of sustainability at cove.tool, highlighted the importance of real-time data and insights in prioritizing low-carbon projects and design decisions. The partnership will provide visibility into carbon impacts for building product decisions across their platform of tools, contributing to the collective goal of decarbonizing the building industry.

By incorporating EC3 into cove.tool’s automated structural estimation engine, project teams can maximize their impact on carbon emissions by accessing a project’s full carbon profile and optimizing building design. This integration enables AEC professionals to better communicate, establish carbon reduction goals, track progress, and identify further opportunities for decarbonization.

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