Altus Power Launches Community Solar Project in Hawaii

by | Jun 26, 2023

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Altus Power is planning what it says is the largest community solar project in Hawaii, a program that aims to provide clean electric power at discounted rates to a local medical facility, its employees, and residents of Oahu.

Altus Power is set to complete a 5 megawatt solar array in Kapolei, making it the largest community solar project in Hawaii. The clean electricity generated by the array will be sold to a non-profit medical facility, with 60% of the power dedicated to its operations. The remaining 40% will be available to benefit the employees’ homes and other local residents.

Unlike traditional solar installations, community solar allows residents to access the benefits of clean energy at a discounted rate, regardless of whether they live in apartment buildings or single-family homes. Altus Power’s community solar model removes the need for individuals to install private rooftop solar panels. This approach ensures that all residents, regardless of income or housing type, can participate in Hawaii’s clean energy transition.

Benefits of Altus Power’s Community Solar Partnership Program

Community solar provides an opportunity for those who may not have the option to install rooftop solar panels, including renters, residents in multi-unit buildings, and homeowners with shaded roofs, to benefit from clean energy solutions.

Subscribers of Altus Power’s Community Solar Partnership Program can look forward to substantial cost savings. With projected savings of up to $500 annually compared to their local utility bills, this program offers significant energy cost relief to residents. 

Participating in Altus Power’s Community Solar Program

Employers who recognize the value of providing affordable clean energy solutions to their employees can partner with Altus Power. Companies can explore partnership opportunities and offer community solar as a benefit to their employees. This allows employers to support their workforce in accessing sustainable energy sources and reduces the financial burden of traditional utility bills. 

Altus Power’s community solar program offers opportunities for both residential subscribers and employer partnerships. Once approved, users can start benefiting from the program without any upfront costs or the need for special equipment. Instead, they receive credits toward their energy bills, helping them save money while contributing to a cleaner environment.

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