WWE Updating Headquarters with Energy Efficient Smart Systems

by | May 24, 2023

An aerial view of a World Wrestling Entertainment building.

(Credit: WWE)

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is updating its headquarters with numerous smart and energy-efficient systems through intelligent lighting control, smart sensors, Internet of Things (IoT) data services, and real-time location services.

The energy-efficient transitions at the WWE headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut, are being provided by Enlighted, a Siemens-owned proptech provider of IoT platforms. The wrestling entertainment giant, which has reached more than 1 billion homes according to the company, World Wrestling Entertainment, plans to achieve occupancy-based energy savings, space management, and provide a productive environment for its employees through the project.

Enlighted’s lighting controls will be the foundation for WWE to solve multiple IoT use cases as well as through using open software interfaces, which will provide WWE with a central and smart management system.

The Enlighted Lighting Solution will use occupancy-based lighting control with flexible configurations for task tuning, daylight harvesting, and efficient lighting of spaces, all of which will result in energy savings and an increase toward carbon neutrality. Enlighted Data Services will collect data 65 times per second from sensors that measure movement, power, and temperature. Visualization dashboards will be used by WWE to derive workplace insights for spatial design decisions.

Lighting sensing environments will provide location intelligence to reliably track assets in real-time, ranging from high value to operational items, for better inventory management and movement analysis. These lighting-based sensors will capture large amounts of data for WWE to use for a view of activity across all its buildings, said Stefan Schwab, CEO of Enlighted. WWE will be able to identify preferences and trends by examining building usage data over time that will help improve energy use.

Rajan Mehta, chief technology officer at WWE, said the Enlighted IoT Smart Building technology will allow the company to increase its operating efficiencies, use data to capture building activity to make data-driven space decisions and recognize large energy savings. He said IoT-based asset tracking will make WWE headquarters a truly smart building.

Around 2,000 sensors will be installed as a part of WWE’s digital transformation initiative to create a wireless, fault-tolerant network for these new technologies.

WWE’s headquarters covers more than 400,000 square feet and is used for offices, studios, production and post-production facilities, conferencing, events, and outdoor terrace spaces.

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