Prieto Unveils Hyper-Fast Charging Battery

by | May 24, 2023

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(Credit: Prieto)

Prieto Battery has released a prototype for a hyper-fast charging, nonflammable lithium-ion battery that operates in extremely low and high temperatures.

The battery can fully charge within three minutes, providing a solution to common concerns about electric vehicles’ longer fueling times. “Prieto’s battery will charge faster than you can fill your car’s gas tank,” said Mike Rosenberg, Prieto CEO. “When you charge your car faster than gassing up, range is no longer a hindrance, and everyone becomes a potential EV buyer.”

This quick-charging ability further supplements the EV market as investment in EV charging rapidly increases.

Unlike traditional lithium-ion batteries, its 3D design also ensures that the battery is not flammable or combustible, passing the standard nail penetration test. Further, the Prieto battery can also operate at temperatures as low as minus-30 degrees Celsius and at more than 100 degrees Celsius, keeping EV drivers on the road even during extreme weather conditions. The battery’s charging ability, temperature endurance, and non-flammability have been tested by an accredited, third-party testing lab, according to Prieto.

Prieto’s Founder, Dr. Amy Prieto, designed the first 3D interdigitated battery that allows for both fast charging and adequate energy storage. Prieto’s battery can deliver more than five times the power density and up to three times the energy density of traditional 2D batteries, the company said. Its customizability allows the battery to be used for EVs, power tools, medical devices, and mobile phones, to name a few.

Low Cost, Sustainable Manufacturing Advantages

Prieto’s battery manufacturing process does not require the use of dry rooms, clean rooms, or other pricey equipment, so they can be produced at a low cost. Prieto uses sustainable materials including water, electricity, and mild chemicals like citric acid in its patented manufacturing process.

“From day one I prioritized manufacturing ahead of the battery design, and I knew to reimagine the battery we would first have to simplify production to scale up quickly, efficiently, and affordably,” said Dr. Prieto.

With a yield rate of more than 90%, the company now turns its focus to commercialization. Prieto is currently finalizing plans to build its pilot manufacturing facility and is in discussions with potential partners for manufacturing and applications.

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