Plenty Opens Technologically-Advanced Vertical Indoor Farm

by | May 19, 2023


(Credit: Plenty)

Plenty has announced the opening of one of the most technologically-advanced, indoor vertical farms in Compton, California. The commercial-scale farm will be capable of creating an industry-leading yield of up to 350 times that of a conventional farm while increasing sustainable agriculture practices.

While other greenhouses and “vertical farms” grow on flat surfaces that mimic a farm field, Plenty’s 3D vertical architecture makes indoor farming more efficient. Using vertical towers that reach nearly two stories allows Plenty to grow more produce in less space, helping with its goal of supplying affordable produce to every community.

“After investing nearly a decade into research and development, Plenty has cracked the code on a scalable platform for indoor farming,” said Plenty CEO Arama Kukutai. “With Plenty’s first commercial farm, we’re proving that our uniquely vertical indoor farms can deliver a reliable, year-round supply of fresh produce with positive unit economics. This is the first step in putting indoor-grown produce on a path to becoming a meaningful part of the global food supply, and we’re honored to be taking that step in our home state of California with the community of Compton.”

Plenty Compton Farm will supply more than 4.5 million pounds of produce to partners including Bristol Farms, Walmart, and Whole Foods Market. Last year Walmart was part of a $400 million investment in Plenty’s vertical farming infrastructure.

Plenty Uses Agricultural Innovations to Relieve Pressures on Natural Resources

Along with its space-saving technology, Plenty’s unique method of farming also has the potential to save millions of gallons of water annually compared to conventional farming.

Environmental pressures, such as soil depletion, combined with a projected 50% increase in demand for food by 2050 has the agricultural industry researching more sustainable farming practices.

“California agriculture is at the forefront of efforts to ensure climate-resilient food systems through the adoption of innovative technologies and practices,” said Secretary Karen Ross of the California Department of Food and Agriculture. “Plenty’s new indoor vertical farm is an example of those efforts and provides an important additional method to grow fresh produce in urban centers, closer to consumers, reducing the draw on our natural resources.”

Plenty Compton Farm’s four varieties of pesticide-free leafy greens are now available in Compton and other parts of California. This summer, Plenty plans to expand its retail footprint in California and beyond.

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