Ocean Ventus Launches Platform for Cost-Competitive Floating Wind Power

by | May 26, 2023

Wind power in ocean

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Ocean Ventus has launched a new end-to-end platform, offering a cost-competitive approach to delivering floating wind power. As the demand for renewable energy continues to rise, offshore wind capacity expansion is crucial. Ocean Ventus aims to address the challenges of foundation production, transportation, assembly, and maintenance to accelerate the growth of large-scale floating wind farms.

Global offshore wind targets necessitate an eightfold increase in installed capacity by 2030. To meet this demand, the industry expects to develop 32 gigawatts of floating wind power in the next decade. 

Ocean Ventus Floating Wind Power

Ocean Ventus seeks to address existing floating foundations complications with its end-to-end platform. The efficient design reduces steel costs and carbon dioxide emissions by up to 40%. This design has received approval in principle from DNV, a globally recognized assurance and risk management company. The approval validates the viability and effectiveness of Ocean Ventus’ approach.

The company offers comprehensive technology for the floating wind market and provides a streamlined process that minimizes costs and optimizes efficiency. The modular construction allows for simplified transport using low-cost vessels, while purpose-built barges enable the assembly of 50 floating units per location annually. Additionally, Ocean Ventus’ patent-pending service vessel facilitates offshore turbine maintenance, eliminating the need for towing to shore.

Ocean Ventus plans to establish its first factory in Norway, targeting production of up to 50 structures per year. This expansion will support the delivery of floating wind projects in key markets, helping to accelerate the transition to renewable energy.

Ocean Ventus’ platform not only reduces energy costs for consumers but also improves investment terms for developers. By simplifying the production and assembly process, the company said it enables significant cost savings for implementing the renewable energy source. 

With a focus on cost competitiveness, efficiency, and sustainability, Ocean Ventus supports the growth of offshore wind projects worldwide.

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