LevelTen Energy Launches PPA Auctions for Renewable Energy Sellers, Buyers

by | May 24, 2023

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LevelTen Energy has introduced a platform designed to expedite the process of contracting power purchase agreements (PPAs) through an auction system. In response to the industry’s increasing demand for streamlined and efficient PPA transactions, LevelTen’s PPA Auctions offers a faster alternative that the company said significantly reduces contracting timelines. 

With the potential to shave off months from the average execution period, PPA Auctions ensure a higher likelihood of deal success while benefiting both sellers and buyers, according to the company. LevelTen Energy, which is one of the largest PPA marketplace operators, facilitates PPA Auctions by connecting reputable developers with motivated and experienced buyers, creating an ideal environment for successful deal closures. 

The Benefits of PPA Auctions for Sellers and Buyers

PPA Auctions offer significant benefits for both sellers and buyers in the energy marketplace. For sellers, these auctions provide a rapid and efficient way to secure optimal buyers and attractive prices for projects that have reached advanced maturity. 

On the buyer’s side, PPA Auctions is a valuable tool for experienced buyers striving to achieve their decarbonization targets.

LevelTen Energy and the Energy Transition

Accelerating the PPA process through auctions plays a pivotal role in expediting the energy transition. In 2022 alone, corporations in the United States and Canada contracted 17.5 gigawatts of clean energy, which is nearly equivalent to the combined new solar and wind capacity installations of 17.8 GW in the same year. By facilitating faster and more efficient PPA transactions, LevelTen’s PPA Auctions contribute to the rapid expansion of clean energy sources, supporting the transition to a more sustainable future.

PPA Auctions provides developers with a quicker route to secure buyers and favorable PPA terms while enabling buyers to expedite their decarbonization targets. The energy transition can greatly benefit from the accelerated use of PPAs as they can drive the growth of clean energy capacity installations. 

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