Keppel Joins Central Queensland Green Hydrogen Project Consortium

by | May 30, 2023

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Keppel, a global asset manager and operator, signed an agreement to join the Central Queensland hydrogen (CQ-H2) project, which aims to develop a large-scale green hydrogen production facility and associated infrastructure. This consortium, consisting of key industry players, is spearheading one of Australia’s most substantial green hydrogen initiatives. Keppel’s participation positions the company to access a reliable source of green hydrogen for its green ammonia production facility and underscores its commitment to sustainable energy solutions.

Keppel Unlocks the Potential of Green Hydrogen

The CQ-H2 project is a pioneering effort to produce renewable hydrogen on a massive scale, reaching up to approximately 2.5 gigawatt equivalent. The hydrogen will be transported to Japan, Singapore, and Central Queensland in Australia, serving both international and domestic markets. Commercial operations are projected to commence in 2028.

By joining the CQ-H2 consortium, Keppel will gain access to a reliable source of green hydrogen as a feedstock for its green ammonia production facility. The company plans to collaborate with Incitec Pivot Limited (IPL) and other potential partners in the development of this facility. 

Green hydrogen has the potential to decarbonize sectors such as steel, cement, ammonia production, and heavy-duty transportation. Keppel’s participation in the consortium enables the company to provide green hydrogen and ammonia to Australia, Singapore, and internationally.

Accelerating the Energy Transition

The global demand for renewable hydrogen is accelerating as governments and industries seek carbon-free alternatives for energy-intensive sectors. Keppel has partnered with IPL to use green hydrogen for the development of a green ammonia production facility in Queensland, Australia

This facility will cater to both domestic and overseas markets, including Singapore and Asia. By leveraging IPL’s expertise in ammonia production and Keppel’s access to green hydrogen, the partnership aims to develop an end-to-end export supply chain for green ammonia. 

The Queensland Government, recognizing the importance of renewable hydrogen, has facilitated and funded the Central Queensland hydrogen project. Keppel’s participation in the Central Queensland hydrogen project consortium and its partnership with IPL underline the company’s green ammonia production and decarbonization efforts. 

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