Houston’s Ion Adds Corporate Partners to Drive Sustainability

by | May 16, 2023

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Houston’s innovation hub, Ion, has recently announced the addition of three new corporate partners: Occidental (Oxy), United Airlines Ventures, and Woodside Energy to help drive innovation and sustainability. This partnership aims to further enhance Ion’s mission of transforming Houston’s energy platforms into a global innovation ecosystem. 

United Airlines Ventures, Oxy, and Woodside will contribute their expertise and industry leadership to develop and commercialize systems and address emerging challenges in their respective sectors. The partnership will also involve participation in Ion programming and engagement with a network of academics, entrepreneurs, and corporations.

These companies will continue shaping Houston’s innovation, energy, and sustainability landscape, according to the partnership. Each organization brings a distinct type of innovation and dedication to the energy transition. 

Network of Partners Invest in Houston’s Energy Solutions 

Oxy, an international energy company with a strong presence in Houston, brings more than a century of experience in the energy industry. Through a partnership with Ion, Oxy gains an opportunity to foster innovation, develop relationships, and inspire employee engagement. This collaboration aligns with Oxy’s focus on technology and climate-related goals, reinforcing its commitment to low-carbon initiatives.

With a keen interest in sustainable aviation fuel, United Airlines Ventures, the venture fund of United Airlines, is dedicated to improving the travel experience by investing in companies and technologies that can decarbonize air travel. United Airlines Ventures seeks to collaborate with corporations across various industries to accelerate research, production, and the adoption of new technologies. By joining Ion’s network of entrepreneurs, United Airlines Ventures aims to foster collaboration, share ideas, and develop relationships with Houston’s brightest companies and academia.

Ion’s other newest partner, Woodside Energy, brings more than 65 years of experience in providing affordable, reliable, and lower-carbon energy platforms. Woodside’s innovation aligns with Ion’s mission, according to the partnership, making it a valuable addition to the corporate network.

Unparalleled Opportunities for Collaboration and Growth

As partners, United Airlines Ventures, Oxy, and Woodside gain access to Ion’s facilities and educational resources. However, the true value lies in the immediate opportunities for collaboration with leaders, innovators, and startups from various industries and backgrounds, Ion said. This engagement fosters knowledge-sharing, inspires creativity, and facilitates advancements aligned with each partner’s corporate goals. Ion’s unique proximity to industry players in aerospace, energy, technology, and innovation sets it apart as a vibrant and collaborative ecosystem.

United Airlines Ventures, Oxy, and Woodside join other corporate partners at Ion, including Chevron, Microsoft, Baker Botts, Aramco Americas, ExxonMobil, BP, Intel, Transocean, and Global Custom Commerce. The collective presence of these industry leaders further enhances the collaborative environment at Ion and offers an opportunity for cross-industry collaboration that can help drive sustainable growth.

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