Plug Power Aims to Shift Finland’s Energy Landscape with Green Hydrogen Projects

by | May 31, 2023

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Plug Power is planning to develop three state-of-the-art green hydrogen production plants in Finland. The projects are expected to be some of the largest investments in green hydrogen in the European market. 

With a target of producing 850 tons per day of green hydrogen or 2.2 gigawatts of electrolyzer capacity by the end of the decade, Plug Power aims to significantly reduce reliance on fossil fuels. The company’s work in Finland aims to help decarbonize Europe. 

Harnessing Finland’s Abundant Clean Energy Sources

The strategic location of the planned sites in Finland will leverage the country’s abundant decarbonized and clean energy sources, including nuclear, wind, and hydropower. Kokkola, Kristinestad, and Porvoo have been selected as the sites for these projects. Reuters reported that the cost of the projects will be around $6 billion.

In Kokkola, Finland, Plug Power’s green hydrogen production site is set to generate 85 tons per day of liquid green hydrogen and produce up to 700 kilotons of green ammonia annually. The production will be facilitated by 1 GW of electrolyzer capacity. The liquid green hydrogen will serve both local consumption and export to Western Europe through the Port of Kokkola. Similarly, the green ammonia will also be exported via the same port, contributing to the region’s green energy supply.

The Kristinestad site, which is located near a former coal plant, will house a 1 GW electrolyzer plant with the primary objective to generate green hydrogen for green steel production. In Porvoo, another region of Finland, Plug Power plans to establish a site dedicated to green hydrogen production. By 2030, this facility aims to produce up to 100 tons a day of green hydrogen. 

These three strategic locations in Finland serve a unique purpose, according to Plug Power, and these developments will play a crucial role in reducing dependence on fossil fuels.

The Key Partnerships of Plug Power

In addition to the specific regions Plug Power is utilizing for its newest projects, the company is also partnering with key organizations to support the development of these particular projects. For the ammonia plant, Plug is collaborating with Hy2Gen, a global project developer of renewable hydrogen, ammonia, and hydrogen-based e-fuels.

The other partner is GravitHY, an industrial company dedicated to decarbonizing the steel value chain. This partnership, which includes other corporations like EIT InnoEnergy, Engie, Forvia, IDEC, and Primetals, aims to revolutionize the steel industry by producing green reduced iron.

Contributing to European Energy Security and Sustainability

Plug Power’s green hydrogen production plants will contribute significantly to the European energy transition, aligning with the RePower EU plan, which targets the production of 10 million tons of renewable hydrogen in Europe by 2030. Moreover, the projects will enhance Finland’s efforts to achieve carbon neutrality by 2035.

Plug Power’s green hydrogen projects in Finland are a step forward in the business-to-business energy landscape as the company solidifies its position as a key player in the green hydrogen economy.

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