Bridgestone’s Sustainability Efforts at the Indianapolis 500

by | May 26, 2023

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Credit: Bridgestone

Bridgestone, in partnership with the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Penske, and Shell, is on a mission to host an environmentally-conscious 107th running of the Indianapolis 500. With their exclusive tire supplier role, Bridgestone incorporates recycled materials and uses electric transportation, setting new standards for the future of motorsports.

Innovative Tire Technology: ISCC PLUS Certified Recycled Butadiene

With Bridgestone’s newest technology, all race tires, including those used in practice, qualifying, and the race itself, feature ISCC PLUS certified recycled-attributed butadiene. This innovative monomer is derived from hard-to-recycle plastic materials like shopping bags, film, and stretch wraps. 

By partnering with Shell, the official fuel, oil, and lubricant supplier of the race series, Bridgestone replaces petroleum-based materials with this eco-friendly alternative, reducing environmental impact without compromising performance.

Bridgestone manufactures all Firestone Firehawk race tires for the 2023 Indianapolis 500 at the ISCC PLUS certified ATPC in Akron, Ohio. This facility uses bio, bio-circular, and circular-based synthetic rubber. Bridgestone’s goal is to achieve carbon neutrality and develop tires made with 100% renewable and recycled materials by 2050.

Electrifying Transportation: Freightliner eCascadia

Collaborating with Penske and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Bridgestone has introduced a sustainable transportation solution for their race tires. Electrically powered 2023 Freightliner eCascadia trucks from Penske Truck Leasing’s fleet of electric vehicles are responsible for delivering the Firestone Firehawk race tires to the track. 

With IMS’s installation of a high-power electric charging station, convenient charging is readily available. This collaboration not only promotes sustainable solutions in motorsports but also ensures that future generations of racing enthusiasts can enjoy the experience without harming the environment.

Embracing Natural Rubber: Guayule-Derived Sidewalls

Bridgestone’s introduction of guayule-derived natural rubber sidewalls in Firestone Firehawk race tires was initially showcased at the Indy 500 Pit Stop Challenge and has now been expanded to all street courses for the 2023 season. By incorporating guayule-derived natural rubber, Bridgestone reduces reliance on traditional rubber sources.

Bridgestone Tire’s E8 Commitment: Accelerating Sustainability

Bridgestone’s sustainability efforts at the Indianapolis 500 are part of its broader E8 Commitment, which outlines eight core values beginning with the letter “E.” Through its initiatives focused on emotion, ecology, and energy, Bridgestone hopes its efforts at the 107th running of the Indianapolis 500 set a new standard for sustainability in motorsports. 

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