Bee Certification Program Enhances Sustainable Agriculture with 3rd-Party Verification

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by | May 22, 2023

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The Pollinator Partnership is expanding its bee certification program by adding a third-party verification option designed to encourage farmers and growers to create safe habitats for bees and other essential pollinators, which will improve sustainable and regenerative agriculture.

The program is being offered in collaboration with Where Food Comes From. Silk Canada, a product from Danone, and KIND Snacks have taken a step toward sustainable almond production by beta-testing a portion of their almond volume under the Bee Friendly Farming Certified third-party verified program. Two almond suppliers in California – Harris Woolf Almonds and Treehouse Almonds – are also participating in the beta test of the program.

Bee-Friendly Farming Certification

Administered by Pollinator Partnership, a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting pollinators and their ecosystems, the Bee Friendly Farming certified program is aimed at promoting the well-being of pollinators through regenerative practices. This new third-party option complements the existing second-party Bee Friendly Farming Certified program, encouraging farmers and growers to implement practices that support pollinators while maintaining high standards of sustainability. 

By providing forage and nesting sites, practicing integrated pest management to avoid pesticide use, and focusing on soil health, carbon sequestration, water quality, and pollination efficacy, growers can contribute significantly to the preservation of pollinator populations.

Through their collaboration with Pollinator Partnership, Silk Canada and KIND Snacks said they are striving to find more sustainable ways to grow almonds, and hope to set an example for other brands and growers to adopt similar practices. This partnership aims to build and enhance critical pollinator habitats across North America, while simultaneously supporting sustainable agriculture practices that benefit both farmers and pollinators.

Currently, the Bee Friendly Farming Certification program includes more than 450 farms in its second-party verified program.

According to the Pollinator Partnership, the third-party option adheres to the same rigorous standards while also incorporating an additional third-party review. Through the Bee Friendly Farming third-party verification option, it is expected that more growers and brands will join this movement, contributing to the preservation of pollinators. This opportunity will be available to all growers and brands upon its official launch in the Summer of 2023. 

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