4AIR Drives Sustainable Aviation Fuel Reporting, Accountability

by | May 23, 2023

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4AIR, a provider of emission-offsetting platforms for companies, has launched the Assure SAF Registry, an innovative blockchain-based web registry that aims to revolutionize the documentation, traceability, and accountability of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). By providing complete transparency and verifiable data, the Assure SAF Registry facilitates the sustainable scale-up of SAF within the aviation industry.

4AIR Enhances Transparency and Sustainability in Aviation

The Assure SAF Registry enables the documentation of the type of SAF purchased, the feedstock used, the fuel blend, and sustainability certifications or regulatory programs associated with the fuel. This information is important for operators, airlines, and other stakeholders to make informed decisions and accurately account for emission reductions from using SAF.

Traditionally, tracing the usage of SAF has been a complex process, often hindered by co-mingling within airport pipelines or fuel farms. The Assure SAF Registry solves this challenge by serializing each unit of fuel and linking it to a specific owner and batch of SAF, 4Air said. This ensures that only one owner can claim a particular quantity of fuel, maintaining accurate emissions accounting throughout the supply chain.

Unlocking the Potential of Book and Claim Tracking

The Assure SAF Registry not only benefits physical supply chains but also paves the way for a robust book and claim tracking system. As SAF expands to new feedstocks and higher blends, transparency becomes increasingly important for scaling its use across both business and commercial aviation. By providing an infrastructure that supports transparent scale-up, the registry maximizes the value for operators while ensuring emission claims can be verified.

4AIR brings significant expertise to the development of the Assure SAF Registry, having documented 5.8 million gallons of SAF over the past two years. This experience has allowed them to identify and address the most challenging points associated with tracing SAF usage. With a significant understanding of the industry’s needs, 4AIR said it has created a registry that simplifies inventory accounting, prevents double-counting of benefits, and protects suppliers’ sensitive and confidential data.

Pilot Programs and Collaboration for Seamless Integration

To ensure seamless integration with supplier systems, the registry is undergoing pilot programs that aim to automate reporting and accounting processes. 

With the launch of the Assure SAF Registry, 4AIR addresses the challenges associated with SAF usage tracking. As the industry expands its use of different feedstocks and higher blends, the registry ensures that sustainability attributes and emission claims can be accurately documented and verified, the company said. 

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