Nexxiot Launches Multi-Purpose Sensor for Real-Time Rail Cargo Monitoring

The Vector sensor Nexxiot with numbers

(Credit: Nexxiot)

by | Apr 5, 2023

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The Vector sensor Nexxiot with numbers

(Credit: Nexxiot)

Nexxiot, the innovator behind advanced TradeTech, provides groundbreaking solutions to optimize transportation worldwide. With a focus on advanced sensors, hardware, software interfaces, and analytics, Nexxiot aims to improve the efficiency and reliability of the global supply chain.

On April 4, the Company announced the release of it’s latest mulipurpose device sensor.

The Vector sensor is designed to monitor handbrakes, hatches, and doors on freight railcars. It complements Nexxiot’s existing portfolio of Asset Intelligence technology, which is already being used by leading transportation companies to mitigate risks associated with safety and cargo quality.

Nexxiot & Urbanization

Urbanization and resource insecurity are driving up demand for reliable rail cargo transportation, according to Nexxiot. Rail companies are eager to offer high-quality delivery services, but a series of recent incidents have highlighted the need for innovation in the industry.

The increasing rate of urbanization and resource insecurity around the world is creating a growing demand for reliable rail cargo transportation. As cities continue to grow, the need for efficient and safe transportation of goods becomes more critical. Rail transportation is viewed as a sustainable and cost-effective way to move large volumes of goods over long distances, making it an attractive option for businesses looking to deliver products quickly and securely.

Additionally, the increasing concerns around resource scarcity and energy conservation have led to a renewed focus on rail transportation as a way to reduce the environmental impact of logistics operations. As a result, rail companies are under pressure to provide high-quality cargo delivery services that can meet the growing demand and address safety concerns.

Real-Time Measurements

The Vector sensor’s design provides clients with versatile architecture, enabling multiple use cases with a single device. The sensor guarantees a service life of more than 15 years and uses real-time distance measurements to provide data on handbrakes, access hatches, and railcar doors. It connects wirelessly to the Nexxiot Globehopper gateway via Bluetooth LE, and the data is then sent to the Nexxiot Connect Intelligent Cloud for processing and analysis. Clients can access the data easily and enhance their decision-making capabilities and responses.

Prior to the Vector sensor, monitoring railcar handbrake status, hatch opening or closing events, and door usage was only possible through physical inspections and manual reporting. However, with automated data collection, essential safety-related checks and component condition monitoring are now possible, allowing for the identification of possible future points of failure as they occur.

Technical Innovations for Industry Problems

Nexxiot’s CTO Paul Wielsch said that both rail operators and cargo owners stand to benefit from the Vector sensor’s innovation. With increased attention on safety, compliance, and resource security, the sensor offers multiple stakeholders the opportunity to monitor processes and demonstrate to clients that they take maximum care when it comes to safety and cargo quality.

Through close collaboration with industry leaders, clients, and partners, Nexxiot co-creates technical innovations to solve long-standing industry problems. The company is currently digitalizing entire fleets of shipping containers and railcars with zero-maintenance IoT gateways, enabling clients to benefit from real-time asset intelligence across the entire cargo journey.

The Future of Advanced TradeTech

Advanced TradeTech refers to the use of advanced technologies, such as sensors, software, and analytics, to optimize and improve various aspects of the global supply chain. This includes optimizing the transportation of goods, improving supply chain visibility, enhancing cargo tracking, and increasing operational efficiency. Advanced TradeTech solutions are designed to mitigate risks associated with transportation and cargo quality, reduce waste, and improve the overall reliability of the supply chain.

Companies such as Nexxiot are dedicated to developing advanced TradeTech solutions that utilize the latest technology to offer stakeholders within the supply chain with superior insights, data, and analytics.

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