Gazelle and WAM Horizon Team Up for Innovative Offshore Wind Solution in Portugal

Gazelle Wind Power (Gazelle). Offshore floating wind power

(Credit: Gazelle)

by | Apr 6, 2023

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Gazelle Wind Power (Gazelle). Offshore floating wind power

(Credit: Gazelle and SAFIER INGENIERIE)

Dublin-based, Gazelle Wind Power (Gazelle), a developer of innovative modular floating offshore wind platforms, announces its partnership with renewable energy developer, WAM Horizon (WAM).

Going forward, WAM will offer Gazelle strategic advisory services to ensure the successful implementation of the project pilot plant in Aguçadoura, Portugal. According to Gazelle, “one gigawatt offshore wind farm would save 1.5 million tons of CO2 per year.”

WAM Horizon, a holding company for WAM Investments based in Portugal, specializes in investment management for renewable energy assets and companies. Its Chairman, Adelino Costa Matos, is a non-executive director on the Gazelle Board and has a wealth of experience in supporting and developing offshore wind projects.

Matos, along with his management team were involved in the first-of-its-kind 25 MW WindFloat Atlantic Project in Portugal. He is also the founder of ASM Industries, a wind tower and foundation manufacturer in Portugal that was acquired by South Korea’s CS Wind in 2022.

Portugal has set an ambitious goal of 10GW of offshore wind power by 2030. Gazelle’s lightweight, modular, and scalable solution not only lowers costs but can also leverage existing port infrastructure to develop future commercial projects in Portugal.

“WAM Horizon’s remarkable offshore wind expertise in the region makes them an excellent partner to support Gazelle’s project and help establish our unique platform as the benchmark solution for floating offshore platforms,” said Gazelle CEO Jon Salazar.

Benefits of the Gazelle Platform

The Gazelle is designed to eliminate invasive activity on the seabed in comparison to offshore bottom-fixed solutions, preserving fragile marine environments.

By enabling the installation of wind turbines in deep waters, where the wind is stronger and more constant, it optimizes and makes better use of available resources. This technology helps reduce the cost of energy and opens new opportunities for offshore wind projects that were previously impossible.

In additional to sourcing renewable energy, Gazelle makes a significant contribution to the circular economy. By constructing and maintaining floating platforms and investing in R+D+i, the platform supports the local economy through employment opportunities. Furthermore, the platform is designed for easy disassembly and recycling at the end of its life, promoting sustainable resource use and waste reduction.

Gazelle plays a significant role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The platform enables the production of emission-free electricity while using significantly fewer materials than current designs. By using less steel than current steel floaters and up to 90% less concrete than concrete floaters, CO2 emissions from material production are reduced. Providing a cost-effective and environmentally friendly approach to wind power generation.

The system is optimized to reduce manufacturing waste. Resuable, concrete components, finished with ECOncrete, provide a habitat for marine life on its surface. Meanwhile, the steel being used is recycled at the end of its life, ensuring that resources are being reused and waste is being minimized.

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