Elli Becomes First Charging Network to Reach Half a Million Stations in Europe

Elli charging points in Europe. Black with neon green

(Credit: Elli)

by | Apr 21, 2023

Elli charging points in Europe. Black with neon green

(Credit: Elli)

Elli, Europe’s leading provider of charging networks, has reached an impressive milestone in the e-mobility sector. The company now boasts 500,000 charging stations, adding 100,000 charging points in just four months.

Elli provides a reliable and close-knit charging network for its customers, enabling easy cross-border access to 950 providers in 28 countries. Ensuring that range anxiety is a thing of the past for drivers of electric vehicles.

The CEO of Group Technology, Thomas Schmall, has hailed the milestone as an important one for the company. Stating, “Half a million charging points in the Elli charging network represent an important milestone on our e-mobility roadmap. Together with our partners, we are building a comprehensive, seamless charging network in Europe.”

Volkswagen Group and E-mobility

The Volkswagen Group is one of the few car manufacturers in the world to take the core technologies of e-mobility into its own hands. Its Technology Board department is playing a vital role in making the electric mobility strategy a reality, implementing the Technology Roadmap presented at Power Day 2021.

To achieve the e-mobility ramp-up, the rapid expansion of the charging infrastructure is vital. The Volkswagen Group aims to be a leading supplier of a smart charging and energy ecosystem. Since 2017, the number of co-operations and partnerships has steadily grown, with Spanish energy company Iberdrola and British energy company bp being two of the strategic partners involved in the expansion of the charging network. The group also has stakes held in joint venture companies IONITY and Ewiva.

The Elli Charging Network

In addition to the conventional AC charging stations found mainly in urban settings, the Elli charging network now features around 33,000 high-power charging (HPC) stations throughout Europe. The new Plug&Charge technology brings added convenience. This technology enables electric vehicles and charging stations to complete the charging process autonomously. In the Elli network, around 5,000 charging stations already have this option.

As a mobility service provider, Elli addresses drivers of all brands of electric cars and offers a transparent pricing model for different types of charging stations. Customers of Elli and those of the brands’ SEAT & CUPRA (“Easy Charging”), ŠKODA AUTO (“Powerpass”), and Volkswagen (“We Charge”) may use the network.

In January, AUDI charging service became part of the portfolio.

With a workforce of approximately 300 employees, Elli is the Volkswagen Group’s brand that offers a vast array of energy and charging solutions, addressing customers’ needs at the intersection of energy and mobility. Elli takes care of everything that matters to its customers, providing a broad range of energy and charging solutions, along with mobility services throughout Europe. Its portfolio includes charging solutions tailored to private customers and businesses, as well as innovative and intelligent green-power rates, and digital solutions and services that ensure hassle-free experiences at public charging stations. Elli has established offices in Berlin, Wolfsburg, and Munich.

Elli is committed to expanding the charging infrastructure further, providing customers with a comprehensive, seamless charging network and easy-to-use charging stations, allowing drivers to use their electric vehicles without range anxiety.

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