Atamai Freight Solution to Receive $186,000 from the UK Government

Atamai Freight Solution Digital Twins Entopy

(Credit: Entopy)

by | Apr 19, 2023

Atamai Freight Solution Digital Twins Entopy

(Credit: Entopy)

Entopy, a data analytics innovator, has been awarded a portion of the UK government’s $8.7 million Freight Innovation Fund (FIF) to advance and expand the Atamai Freight Solution. This funding will enable the enterprise to tackle the issues resulting from an inadequate cross-sectoral collation and dissemination of data.

Atamai Freight Solution

In 2022, Entopy signed a two-year agreement with IT services company Fujitsu UK & Ireland to expand the Atamai Freight solution which enhances supply chain benefits for businesses that transport goods via road freight. Specifically, the solution improves load integrity assurance, load security, and efficient movement of goods. In addition, it reduces stoppage time and fosters trust across the supply chain and between port authorities.

During the announcement, Christian Benson, VP and Client Managing Director at Fujitsu UK & Ireland stated,  “With the help of our consortium partners, we are establishing a new level of collaboration and trust throughout the UK supply chain – making it easier to move goods. Atamai Freight provides real-time visibility of each journey and consignment, which can then be shared with participating businesses and government authorities.”

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Optimizing Efficiency and Coordination

“The FIF support gives us an opportunity to demonstrate our software capabilities to a wide range of stakeholders – across the supply chain and in a variety of other markets – as well as continuing our work with Fujitsu to further develop our positive impact on the UK freight sector.” – Entopy CEO Toby Mills

The three-year FIF program will include a maximum of 36 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Through partnerships with industry leaders, Entopy aims to develop innovative solutions that can improve the efficiency, resilience, and sustainability of the freight industry.

Entopy will also have access to the FIF accelerator which offers customized business support to innovators, as well as a freight innovation cluster that hosts regular networking events and activities for a community of innovators in the freight industry.

Entopy’s Software

The Entopy platform leverages ontology to create accurate real-time digital replicas that mirror the real world. These “digital twins” capture multidimensional insights by representing entities and their dynamic relationships within specific contexts.

Entopy’s platform can capture insights that span multiple dimensions. These dimensions include relationships between entities over time, relevant attributes of entities over time, and the changing situations of entities over time. As a result, the technology can extract valuable insights that were previously hidden within complex datasets.

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