A Greener Future: The Solarize Green Country Initiative

The Solarize Green Country Initiative Logo from Solar Power of Oklahoma

(Credit: Solar Power of Oklahoma)

by | Apr 12, 2023

The Solarize Green Country Initiative Logo from Solar Power of Oklahoma

(Credit: Solar Power of Oklahoma)

A recently established coalition comprising several local organizations in Green Country has unveiled its latest initiative, Solarize Green Country. The campaign, which operates at the community level, seeks to increase accessibility to solar energy and battery storage options for stakeholders in the area.

Through the Solarize program, interested parties can benefit from reduced prices for the installation of solar infrastructure via group purchases. The more buyers that partake in this program, the more substantial the price drop will be for the implementation of renewable energy systems.

Solarize Green Country

The Solarize Green Country campaign is aimed at raising awareness of local solar energy potential and providing practical education and support to homeowners, businesses, and nonprofits within the Green Country region. Subsequently, paving the way for greater adoption of solar energy in the region by reducing costs through group purchases of materials and installation services.

To make solar energy more affordable and accessible for participants, the Solarize Green Country coalition sought competitive bids from solar-energy design and installation companies. After careful consideration, Solar Power of Oklahoma was selected as the contractor for the campaign. This campaign is the first of its kind in the area, which comprises eight counties.

By harnessing solar energy, local residents can achieve energy independence, stimulate economic growth, and reduce energy costs and economic burdens. Furthermore, the program aims to create a program that will offer deeper cost reductions for low- and moderate-income residents. In return, enabling customers to receive energy systems that lower their household energy costs.

Additional Members of the Coalition

  • Ready for 100 Tulsa Campaign
  • Oklahoma Solar Association
  • Indian Nations Council of Governments
  • Oklahoma Renewable Energy Council
  • Real Good Food
  • Price Family Properties
  • Green Country Group of Oklahoma Sierra Club
  • Environmental Energy & Natural Resources Advocates
  • Solar Crowdsource

“The goal for Solarize Green Country is to simplify the process of purchasing solar power and help bring down individual property owner costs by buying solar energy together,” said Gary Allison of the Ready for 100 Tulsa Campaign. “We are enthusiastic about launching a campaign to promote solar energy in our community based upon the support and involvement of multiple mission-aligned local organizations.”

Currently, Solarize Green Country is accepting advance registrations for the upcoming campaign. Interested residents may go to SolarizeGreenCountry.com to learn more about the program.

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