Sustainability at VINCI: Reducing Emissions and Optimizing Resources for a Better Future

VINCI EV orange and white Charging Station. Guy charging his car.

(Credit: VINCI)

by | Mar 28, 2023

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VINCI EV orange and white Charging Station. Guy charging his car.

(Credit: VINCI)

VINCI is a global company with over 260,000 employees across 100 countries. They specialize in concessions, construction, and energy, and are involved in designing, financing, building, and operating infrastructure and facilities. VINCI aims to improve daily life and mobility for everyone while also prioritizing environmental and social responsibility. As their projects are in the public interest, VINCI considers engagement and dialogue with stakeholders as essential.

Sustainability Strategy

Acting for the Climate 

  • Reduce direct greenhouse gas emissions (Scopes 1 and 2) by 40% by 2030, compared with 2018 levels.
  • Reduce indirect emissions (Scope 3) by 20%, compared with 2019 levels.
  • Make the Group’s structures and activities more resilient to climate change.

Optimising Resources

  • Promote construction techniques and materials that economize on natural resources.
  • Improve waste sorting and recovery.
  • Expand the offer of recycled materials to limit the volume of virgin materials extracted.

Preserving Natural Environments

  • Optimize water consumption, especially in water-stressed regions.
  • Goal to achieve zero net loss of biodiversity.

Notable Actions and Achievements

Autoroutes & Eco-mobility 

In 2022, VINCI Autoroutes signed five low-carbon motorway conventions with different regions and communities in France. Additionally, almost half of their fleet of light intervention vehicles was converted to electric in 2022. With plans to have 85% of the fleet electric and the remaining 15% running on rechargeable hybrid or biofuel by 2030.

To help accelerate the shift to eco-mobility and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from road travel, VINCI Autoroutes initiated the rollout of e-vehicle charging infrastructure on motorways. Over one hundred service areas will be equipped with charging stations in 2022 (i.e., more than 60% of service areas), making the VINCI Autoroutes network the most widely equipped in France. By the end of 2023, all service areas across the network will be fitted with electric charging stations.

Alongside fitting its network with e-charging stations, VINCI Autoroutes develops connected services that provide travelers seamless access to charging units. The Ulys app, which has over 5.2 million subscribers, allows them to geolocate more than 62,000 electric vehicle charging points all over France and offers remote payment so they can recharge at any type of charging unit.

Construction Initiatives

In September 2020, VINCI Construction launched its Exegy® low-carbon concrete range. Setting a new industry standard by introducing formulations that reduce CO2 emissions by up to 60% compared to traditional concretes. While, at the same time, displaying equivalent or superior strength and resistance properties for a similar cost. Currently, VINCI Construction intends to work with all industry players to develop the use of concretes in structures of all kinds, both buildings and infrastructure. Committing to introducing the widespread use of low-carbon concretes in its own projects over the next decade.

Low-Carbon Hydrogen

In 2021, VINCI became one of the 30 groups involved in launching HyDeal Ambition, which aims to prepare Europe’s future clean hydrogen industry. The goal is to produce energy at the exact cost of fossil fuels, ultimately replacing them.

The Future at VINCI

As a global leader in its sector, VINCI projects serve the public interest. The company places great emphasis on engaging in dialogue with its stakeholders across all its business lines. Further, contributing positively to the environment, promoting peaceful coexistence, and supporting social inclusion in cities and regions.

To ensure that social, environmental, and ethical issues are addressed at the highest level of responsibility, the Strategy and CSR Committee of VINCI’s Board of Directors integrates them into the Group’s strategy.

Regular meetings are held between the Human Rights, Environment, and Ethics and Vigilance committees and the representatives of the business lines to identify significant issues and implement vigilance practices to prevent human and environmental risks. Measures and best practices are promoted throughout the company.

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