GE Gas Power and Svante Join Forces to Create Carbon Capture Technology

Grass with CCS in white

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by | Mar 24, 2023

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Grass with CCS in white GE Gas Power and Svante JDA

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GE Gas Power and Svante have entered into a joint development agreement (JDA) to create and assess solid sorbent-based carbon capture technology for natural gas power generation uses. In addition to the JDA, GE contributed an equity investment as a component of Svante’s fundraising round in December 2022.

GE Gas and Power to Become a Separate Entity 

In response to the growing need for sustainable energy solutions, GE announced it would be spinning off GE Vernova as a separate entity by 2024. The new company will focus on accelerating the transition to renewable energy sources and reducing carbon emissions. As of 2023, GE provides around 30% of the world’s electricity.

The JDA with Svante represents one of many collaborations GE is currently engaged with to help commercialize new technologies driving the energy transition forward.

“The climate crisis and our world require immediate and sustained action and investment into crucial technologies like carbon capture which can deliver meaningful reductions in emissions and play a key role in the energy transition,” said Scott Strazik, CEO of GE Vernova. “We are excited to work with a technology innovator like Svante to drive collective progress on developing carbon capture solutions for the energy industry aiming to deliver more sustainable, affordable, and reliable electricity for more people.”

Svante’s Carbon Capture Filters

Svante’s novel carbon capture filters are made by coating solid adsorbents, including metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), onto thin sheets of laminate that are stacked to become the company’s nano-engineered filters. These filters can be used in multiple applications for capturing CO2.  Refineries, cement, steel, aluminum, lime, boilers, pulp & paper will benefit from the carbon capture technology. Additionally, the filters remove CO2 from industrial flue gas and prevent it from reaching the atmosphere.

Due to the wide array of industries the company serves, Letourneau says Svante’s technology can be applied to 85% of the total carbon capture and removal segment.

Exciting Partnership

The JDA between GE Gas Power and Svante will focus on further development and commercialization of solid sorbent technologies “aimed at decarbonizing natural gas-fired turbines in a cost-effective, environmentally responsible manner,” said Letourneau. “We are excited about the potential we have to open up an entirely new array of opportunities, aiming to provide carbon-free electricity in the future through the deployment of projects across gas-fired power generation facilities.”

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