Defense Department Awards $65M Contract to AIR COMPANY for Innovative Fuel Technology

AIRMADE™ Carbon Technology AIR COMPANY

by | Mar 2, 2023

AIRMADE™ Carbon Technology AIR COMPANY


On Tuesday, the Department of Defense revealed a $65 million contract with AIR COMPANY, a startup that creates fuel using carbon dioxide extracted from the atmosphere. The company secured its position in the initiative after winning a competition in 2021 by fueling a drone with pre-made jet fuel for the Air Force’s Project FIERCE. AIR COMPANY aims to utilize its shipping-container-sized fuel production facilities to enhance or potentially substitute the perilous and complex supply chains that presently transport fuel from wells to refineries, ports, and eventually bases.

“You don’t want to have to ship jet fuel around,” AIR COMPANY, Chief Technology Officer Stafford Sheehan told The Hill.

Jet Blue, an investor in AIR COMPANY, and United are among the major air carriers that view sustainable aviation fuels (SAFs) as a key approach to reducing carbon emissions from long-haul flights, which account for approximately 2.5 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions.

In an interview with USA Today, AIR COMPANY, CEO Gregory Constantine stated, “These contracts allow you to focus on the growth of technology and the development of technology.” Further, the agreement moves the firm’s technology a step closer to ultimately fueling commercial flights. This highlights the rapid advancement and adoption of SAF technology.

Constantine explained that AIR COMPANY utilizes a unique process for fuel production. This involves capturing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and combining it with sustainably produced hydrogen, resulting in a mixture of alcohols and paraffins that can be used as fuel in combustion engines. Known as “power to liquid,” this method is particularly versatile because it does not rely on agricultural products or other types of feedstock, which can be challenging to transport or have competing uses.

About AIR COMPANY & Its Founders

According to AIR COMPANY, it is the world’s leading carbon utilization company, creating consumer and industrial products from carbon dioxide (CO2). The company’s patented and proprietary Carbon Conversion Reactor mimics photosynthesis, using only air (CO2), water, and sun (renewable energy) to create carbon-negative alcohols and fuels from CO2. With three consumer products (AIR Vodka, AIR Hand Sanitizer, and AIR Eau de Parfum) brought to market thus far, AIR COMPANY is moving towards world-scale impact with its latest innovation – CO2-derived sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

Gregory Constantine, the Co-Founder and CEO AIR COMPANY, is an acclaimed entrepreneur with a passion for innovation. His exceptional leadership skills have accelerated the company’s growth from a mere startup concept to one of the world’s most innovative companies, as recognized by Forbes’ 2017 30 Under 30 list. Constantine has been instrumental in devising and implementing profitable applications of the company’s technology, including fragrances, spirits, and rocket and aviation fuels, among others. With an undergraduate degree from The University of Sydney and an Executive program from Harvard Business School, he brings a unique combination of artistic and business acumen to the table.

Dr. Stafford Sheehan, the Co-Founder and CTO of AIR COMPANY, is a world-renowned scientist, inventor, and visionary. He has ten published patents in the chemistry and physics fields, over 38 academic publications, and numerous technical awards. In 2016, his exceptional work earned him a coveted spot on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list. Dr. Sheehan holds a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from Boston College and a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from Yale University. His groundbreaking research on catalyst materials for fuel cells and electrolyzers for hydrogen production has led to the development of disruptive proprietary technologies. As the creator of AIR COMPANY’s revolutionary carbon utilization technology, Dr. Sheehan leads a team of exceptional scientists and engineers, overseeing all technological ideation, innovation, and execution.

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