DC Fast EV Chargers Soon to Come to Dallas Metro Area

XCharge North America's EV charging solution

(Photo: XCharge North America's charging solution. Credit: XCharge Media Library.)

by | Mar 23, 2023

XCharge North America's EV charging solution

(Photo: XCharge North America’s charging solution. Credit: XCharge Media Library.)

XCharge North America is partnering with MD7‘s headquarters in Allen, TX, to install the first deployment of a DC fast charging (DCFC) port option in North Texas. Compared to the typical Level 2 (AC) charging in the area, DC charging significantly improves charging speed. An electric vehicle (EV) could charge 35-45 minutes more quickly than the Level 2 options due to the 210kW maximum output of XCharge’s Net Zero Series (NZS) chargers.

Designed for the North American Electrical Grid

Designed specifically for the North American electrical grid, the XCharge units are built with a bi-directional energy flow, which means they can supply energy back into the electrical grid as needed.  This is a critical feature, particularly in Texas, where there are already strains on the power grid. The Energy Storage System (ESS) stores energy during off-peak hours, enabling fast charging during peak hours – even hot afternoons – without depleting the local infrastructure. The spiking adoption of EVs will only continue to add to electricity consumption.

“The Net Zero Series is made with the US grid in mind,” said Aatish Patel, president, and co-founder of XCharge North America. “With its high capacity internal storage, low input requirements, and ability to distribute energy in multiple forms, the NZS is what grids need to ensure sustainable and fortified energy in the future. Significantly, these chargers allow operators to maximize voltage output – up to 194kW – based on the desired use case due to its modular design.”

EV Charging Infrastructure

The delay in functional EV deployments has been one of the largest roadblocks to EV adoption in the US. When surveyed by the American Automobile Association (AAA), 91% of EV owners said they had concerns prior to purchasing their car, with limited range and difficulty locating a place to charge as the top two reasons. The Biden administration aims to change this, in part with tax credits for businesses that install EV chargers on their owned properties. In some cases, the credit covers 30% of equipment and installation costs.

The host of these new charging stations, MD7, is a digital infrastructure consultancy with a specialty in EV deployments. With expertise in connected technologies, the company leverages its networks and asset deployment experience to avoid infrastructure challenges. This investment in the first DC charging deployment in North Texas publicizes the company’s commitment to EV charging and serves as an incentive to new employees. This NZS deployment could provide their staff with over 100 miles of range per 30 minutes of charging, in stark contrast to the approximately 25 miles of range per hour of charging at nearby Level 2 chargers.

“A robust EV charging infrastructure helps companies attract and retain top talent,” said David Ellis, assistant director for the Allen Economic Development Corporation. “Companies that invest in this technology demonstrate their commitment to staying ahead of the technology curve and show they understand the importance of remaining competitive in a rapidly changing world.”

Partnership with the City of Allen

MD7 and XCharge North America are partnering with the City of Allen to make this installation open to the public. This coordination will hopefully lay the way for more sustainability efforts in the community.

“It is great to see MD7 invest in this new Smart DC Electric Vehicle Charger infrastructure at their headquarters located here in Allen,” said Ken Fulk, mayor of Allen. “This represents a commitment to sustainability, which further contributes to national goals for electrification and decarbonization. They are setting a great example for others to follow as we move toward a more electric vehicle world.”

XCharge North America also recently joined the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) to support and comply with communication protocols in the EV charging infrastructure on a global scale.

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