Capstone Announces Sustainable Development Strategy for Copper Production

copper mining location

(Credit: Capstone)

by | Mar 23, 2023

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copper mining location

(Credit: Capstone)

Capstone Copper Corp. has announced a new Sustainable Development Strategy and the adoption of GHG emissions reduction targets to support the company’s commitment to responsible copper production

The Sustainable Development Strategy reflects the company’s responsibility for responsible mining practices. A series of ongoing and future initiatives with specific goals, key performance indicators, and targets will focus on five initial priority areas.

Targets against the 2021 baseline are as follows:

Climate – Reduce GHG emissions from fuel and power by 30% by 2030. Capstone operates in countries that are signatories to the Paris Agreement and have committed to reducing national GHG emissions materially. Developing and executing decarbonization strategies through several initiatives, including adding more renewable power to its energy mix. Along with studying independent renewable energy generation alternatives and displacing diesel consumption.

Water – Reduce freshwater consumption intensity by 2030. Freshwater is an increasingly scarce resource essential to Capstone’s copper production operations. Aiming to reduce the freshwater intensity and increase low-quality, desalinated, or recycled water as a proportion of total water consumed in its operations.

Biodiversity – Establish a Biodiversity Standard and assess all sites by 2025. Responsible mining practices are critical for minimizing disruption to the land and ensuring the preservation of ecosystems. Capstone aims to evaluate all locations by applying a mitigation hierarchy and prioritizing nature-related risks and opportunities. The team will also be completing site-specific reclamation, reforestation, and habitat restoration projects.

Targets for each priority are supported by reporting and evaluation processes under the direction of senior leadership and the Board of Directors.

Wendy King, SVP ESG and General Counsel commented, “This Sustainable Development Strategy and our GHG reduction targets follow a detailed review of our operations to establish a 2021 baseline. We are aligned with good international and industry standards while supporting the continued development of our assets. Several of our policies, standards, and operational initiatives are already contributing to these targets, and we look forward to providing regular updates as we progress.”

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