Babbitt Ranch Energy Center To Power Over 40,000 Homes for SRP Customers

Clean Energy Wind Turbines, Dessert, Mountains, Sunset SRP

(Credit: Canva Pro)

by | Mar 27, 2023

Clean Energy Wind Turbines, Dessert, Mountains, Sunset SRP Babbitt Ranch

(Credit: Canva Pro)

Salt River Project (SRP) announces construction activities will commence on the latest wind energy resource that is set to provide assistance to SRP’s power grid and customers residing in the Valley. Known as the Babbitt Ranch Energy Center, this wind project is designed to generate 161 megawatts (MW) of clean energy.

The facility, located north of Flagstaff, is expected to start delivering services to customers by early 2024.

“SRP is proud of the diversity of our resource mix, especially among our growing portfolio of zero-carbon, clean energy resources,” said Grant Smedley, Director of Resource Planning at SRP. “Utility-scale wind power at Babbitt Ranch Energy Center will complement solar resources by providing energy during evening and nighttime hours when solar energy is not available.”

Scope of the Project

NextEra Energy Resources, LLC, the largest producer of renewable energy from wind and sun and a global leader submitted a proposal capable of producing sufficient energy to power around 40,000 homes of average size. In time to meet the requirements of SRP’s increasing customer demand for renewable energy sources.

Economic Benefits

Coconino County and Arizona expect the project to create upwards of 250 construction jobs in the region. A subsidiary of NextEra Energy Resources will build, own and operate the 50 wind turbine project. Additionally, the Babbitt Ranch Energy Center is projected to produce around $9.5 million in extra tax income for the Coconino County region throughout its lifetime.

Babbit Ranch

Established in 1886, Babbitt Ranch raises 8,000 head of grass-fed, open-range, Hereford cattle across 700,000 acres of private, federal, and state land, including the CO Bar, Espee, and Cataract ranches.

Generations, the Ranch’s Sustainability Sciences Program, is a framework designed to promote, support, and recognize a wide range of scientific practices in northern Arizona. Working to develop fundamental programs and direction for Tomorrow’s Agriculture and Land Use, which includes exploring land stewardship, business diversity, industry employment, and infrastructure. For almost 20 years, the company has been measuring wind speeds and conducting solar power evaluations to determine the feasibility of renewable energy projects in the region.

“In our efforts to support the delivery of renewable energy, we acknowledge the terrific and wonderful participation of so many businesses and government entities involved in the process to make this happen,” said Babbitt Ranches President and General Manager Billy Cordasco.

Future SRP Projects in the Region

As part of its efforts, the utility plans to install 2,025 MW of solar power by 2025. Providing enough energy to power over 450,000 homes. Further, the company plans to deploy over 1,100 MW of battery storage projects in the Western US by 2024, making it one of the most significant utility-scale battery investments in the region.

SRP will continue to explore evolving renewable and storage technologies that are both safe and cost-effective as part of its commitment to reducing carbon intensity from 2005 levels by more than 65% by 2035 and 90% by 2050.

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