THE LOOP: Dubai’s Urban Highway Project Pushing Toward a Healthier Tomorrow for both People and Planet

by | Feb 10, 2023

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Dubai, which has largely been designed for automobile transportation, is set to undergo a transformation thanks to URB, a world-renowned company specializing in sustainable city development. Their solution is THE LOOP, a 93 km (nearly 58-mile) sustainable pathway for walking and cycling, which will offer residents a comfortable, climate-controlled environment for healthy, enjoyable walks and bike rides. This project aims to reduce the number of cars on the streets by 80% by 2040, transforming Dubai’s car-oriented infrastructure into one that prioritizes people by providing a safer and healthier mode of transportation. THE LOOP will connect destinations in the city, where over 3 million people reside, in a more human-centered way.

Increasing urban expansion has brought challenges for sustainability in the face of climate change. THE LOOP is being designed to provide for the need for a higher quality of life and to fuel a new way of thinking. Urbanization has caused problems such as air pollution, noise emissions, congestion, safety, and high C02 that cities struggle to cope with; sometimes resulting in stagnation of mobility. THE LOOP aims to reduce car dependency by enabling residents to cycle or walk to essential amenities close to their homes.

THE LOOP is in line with Dubai’s ambition to become a 20-minute city. This means residents can find all daily requirements and destinations within 20 minutes of their homes. Currently, most of Dubai relies on cars and taxis to reach necessary locales on a daily basis, THE LOOP aims to replace this with walking, running, and cycling. This goes along with the goal of improved social infrastructure and facilities for residents, aiming to make Dubai the best place in the world to live.

THE LOOP will be a mixed-use attraction, planning to integrate services with facilities to be shared by neighborhoods (such as wellness and leisure) and thus empower a health-centered economy for the future. Pocket parks and allotments for neighborhoods are integrated into THE LOOP, promoting better connections and social engagement to bring communities together. This project will also be one of the greenest corridors ever planned, providing holistic solutions to mobility, social infrastructure, resilience, environmental benefits, and economic opportunities. Smart technologies will be integrated into the project making it one of the highest-tech infrastructures. The LOOP will also service all of Dubai’s highest-density districts, enhancing the sustainability of its urban transport.

The goal of the project is to reduce emissions, improve social cohesion, and benefit environmental and public health. THE LOOP was designed to be resilient to hazards of nature, alleviate the effects of climate change, and increase physical activity. They plan to encourage residents to enjoy the rich green corridor via walking, cycling, and running, via an app connected to THE LOOP. This app will offer rewards for the length of time spent cycling, running or walking daily, increasing with the time spent. This will encourage the use of sustainable transportation, resulting in a healthier and happier public while lowering C02 emissions associated with urban mobility.

The Project will generate electricity through one of the cleanest, most plentiful sources on the planet. The human footsteps taken every day will no longer go to waste, instead being transformed into renewable energy in THE LOOP. Kinetic paving has been integrated into the running tracks. This technology draws usable energy from every footstep into generators which are then used for electricity. These specialty floors are made from recycled tires, flexing underfoot to activate the electromagnetic induction generators and thus result in clean, kinetic energy. Such walkways promote social engagement in sustainability and make participating fun. THE LOOP will be an educational experience as a result, and great for teaching children about kinetic energy.

In the long term, THE LOOP aims to reduce many health detriments associated with urban living, along with improving health and promoting healthy social interactions. THE LOOP will also help to reduce negative climate impacts and move towards better building and space-saving goals. Streets will be transformed into healthier spaces with vibrant landscaping and active areas. This will promote wellness for both residents and the planet as a whole by reducing pollution and carbon emissions.

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