ams Osram and Revolution Microelectronics Collaborate on Cutting-Edge Horticulture Lighting System

Horticulture Lighting System Revolution-Microelectronics-ams-Osram

(Credit: Revolution Microelectronics & ams Osram)

by | Feb 22, 2023

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Horticulture Lighting System Revolution-Microelectronics-ams-Osram

(Credit: Revolution Microelectronics & ams Osram)

ams Osram, a leading provider of innovative lighting solutions, has teamed up with Revolution Microelectronics, a US-based controlled agriculture environment designer, to develop an advanced horticulture lighting system powered by ams Osram’s Oslon Square platform and Oslon SSL LEDs. The system, named Avici, is lighting up GreenCare Collective’s 9,200 square meter horticulture facility in Millbury, Massachusetts.

The ams Osram announcement states, “A high light output and a programmable spectrum allows horticulturists to focus in on the specific phytochemical development and boost yield and increase terpene development.” It adds, “The efficacy advantages of our LEDs compared to traditional High-Pressure Sodium lights makes the switch from mercury-filled light bulbs to environmentally-friendly LEDs also an ethical and economical option.”

Using a combination of 1W and 2W LED packages from ams Osram’s horticulture LED portfolio, the advanced facility utilizes seasonal programmable spectrum controls and crop steering techniques to create a perpetual harvest methodology that is so efficient that it can produce an extra harvest of plants each year. The Oslon Square GH CSSRM5.24 offers a radiant flux of 1068 mW at 77% WPE and a photon flux of 5.83 µmol/s at an efficacy of 4.19 µmol/J at 700 mA.

The programmable spectrum allows horticulturists to focus on specific phytochemical development, boosting yield and increasing terpene development. The efficacy advantages of LED lights compared to traditional high-pressure sodium lights make the switch to environmentally-friendly LEDs an ethical and economical option.

The Avici system was recognized for its innovative gardening solution in the International Solid State Lighting Alliance’s top 100 outstanding innovations of 2022. The new lighting approach is well-suited to the advanced horticulture production at the Millbury facility, which begins with in-house tissue culture propagation and a streamlined workflow that moves plants to mobile tables.

The on-demand fertigation system manages multiple different strains with 24 zones per room, giving precise and customized dosages of essential nutrients to produce top-of-the-line agricultural products. GreenCare Collective, which has developed a world-class, 100,000-square-foot facility that combines the best practices of cannabis cultivation with commercial agriculture techniques, has sourced the most desirable genetics, curated a select group of top-tier brands, invested in industry-leading equipment and technology, assembled an experienced team, and adopted the most rigorous standards in the market.

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