E+E Resource Hub: February 2023 Highlights

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by | Feb 6, 2023

Each month E+E Leader releases partner content and company resources from the top organizations and companies in the Environment+ Energy C&I space.

February Highlights

ESG and Data Quality

Why has ESG caught on so quickly? Not only do practices associated with ESG data collection and reporting help to close feedback loops on achieving goals in consumer issues, fair operating practices, the environment, labor practices, human rights, community involvement and development, and organizational governance, but research indicates that ESG serves in part as a crystal ball. Direct financial benefits can often be anticipated when a company’s ESG outcomes are strong. 


FAQ Ameresco Clean Energy February  Transform Your Energy Future with 3 Simple Steps

Learn how to reduce your organization’s dependence on fossil fuel in this short FAQ from E+E Leader and Ameresco.

ESG Materiality AssessmentsThis guide, from experts at VelocityEHS, offers a close-up look at how ESG materiality assessments help to focus efforts and engage stakeholders, ensuring their interests and priorities are represented in the company’s ESG initiatives. You’ll learn how to perform materiality assessments, step-by-step, and understand how the results ultimately form the solid foundation of your company’s ESG program.

Eliminating Water BlindnessDiscover the benefits of smart water management and how it can help your organization achieve ESG & sustainability goals in this new eBook from E+E Leader, sponsored by HydroPoint.

Tracking All Three Scopes of Greenhouse Gas with ESG SoftwareGHG management is essential to anyone aiming to follow an Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) focused approach. Unfortunately, a common struggle for many organizations is that they have not identified all the sources of GHGs associated with their business, and they lack a simple way of tracking and reporting all scopes. This new fact sheet is for them.

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