E-Book: How Organizations Can Achieve ESG & Sustainability Targets with Smart Water Management Strategies

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by | Feb 6, 2023

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Environmental, social, governance, and smart water management are interconnected and crucial for building a sustainable future. A key area where organizations can make a significant impact toward reaching their targets is by implementing smart water management strategies.

Water is a finite resource and its responsible use is critical to the long-term health of the planet. Smart water management strategies can help organizations meet their ESG and sustainability targets while also improving their bottom line through increased efficiency and cost savings. Water might not be at the forefront of sustainability targets, but it is one of our most valuable resources and is widely used in commercial and industrial businesses, with significant water costs coming from applications like cooling towers, irrigation systems, indoor appliances, and manufacturing processes.

Smart water management strategies can include measures such as water conservation, monitoring and tracking of water usage, collaboration with local communities and governments, investment in innovative technologies, and transparency in reporting on water usage and environmental impacts.

For example, implementing water conservation measures, such as reducing water usage and adopting more efficient technologies, can help reduce the demand for fresh water and improve water efficiency. Collaborating with local communities and governments can help organizations align with regulations and standards while investing in research and development of new water management technologies can improve water efficiency and reduce waste.

E+E Leader’s latest E-Book takes readers through:

  • 4 Steps to Getting Started
  • Using Smart Water Management Both Indoors and Out
  • How Smart Water Management Systems Save Money, Water, and Time
  • Smart Water Management in Action: HOA and School District Achieve Sustainability Goals, Save Money and Protect Properties
  • Smart Water Management: the Missing Piece of the Puzzle

“Smart water management solutions provide the power to identify how much water is being used or what water waste is occurring, and to put that data in the right hands of the right people at the right times so they can make the best decisions.” — Ben Slick, Senior VP of Business Development, HydroPoint (Sponsor)

Smart water management strategies are a crucial part of achieving ESG and sustainability targets for organizations. By conserving water, monitoring usage, collaborating with stakeholders, investing in innovation, and being transparent about their impact, organizations can ensure a sustainable water future while also meeting their ESG and sustainability goals.

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