Mondi Designs New Cooler Bag Made From Pulp Packaging

pulp packaging

(Credit: Mondi)

by | Dec 16, 2022

pulp packaging

(Credit: Mondi)

Mondi, a sustainable packaging and paper company, has partnered with Fresh!Packing to design a new cooler bag made from pulp packaging which consumers can use to protect and transport chilled or frozen goods. The Fresh!Bag outer layer is entirely made from Mondi’s durable kraft paper, which replaces the traditionally used unrecyclable, multi-material packaging while also improving cooling protection by up to 2.5 times.

Certified as fully recyclable in Europe’s existing paper waste streams, the bag’s cooling element is created using pulp, which is encased in Mondi’s kraft paper. The stretchable bag has a high resistance to tear and can carry large weights and sizes, improving its durability and functionality.

Mondi’s kraft paper provides retailers with good printability for branding and messaging. Fresh!Bag recently won the German packaging award 2022 in the “Functionality & Convenience” category and now aims to launch the bag across Europe in the coming months.

Commitment to Sustainability

In 2020, dairy products company SalzburgMilch and organic brand Spar Pure Nature adopted 80% paper-based food trays for their deli products, which reduce plastic usage and the paper part of the tray is fully recyclable in Europe. Made by Mondi, the line of shallow trays has a thin plastic coating that easily separates from a paper tray that is 100% recyclable across Europe.

Since the Single-Use Plastics Directive and the new EU Commission’s European Green Deal release, the fundamental components of the European legal framework for plastics are currently being revised creating new opportunities for the green packaging industry, which may be crucial to achieving the European Union’s goal of a low-carbon and resource-efficient circular economy. In the United States, 8 states have already enacted legislation prohibiting single-use plastic bags. 

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