Greif Announces New Sustainability Targets

Industrial Packaging

(Credit: Greif)

by | Dec 22, 2022

Industrial Packaging

(Credit: Greif)

Greif, an industrial packaging products and services company, has announced new sustainability targets reinforcing the company’s commitment to building a more sustainable and equitable future.

These targets set specific and measurable goals that build on the company’s announcement in 2021 to reduce Scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 28% over the next 7 years. Grief will continue to focus sustainability efforts through advancing a circular economy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and championing diversity, equity & inclusion initiatives.

By 2030, Greif aims to:

  • Reach zero waste to landfill at 97% of its production facilities by reducing, recycling, composting, reusing, and incineration. With energy recovery, Greif targets 97% of its production facilities, hoping to achieve zero waste in landfills by 2030.
  • Make 100% of its products recyclable by working with a vast portfolio of raw materials and products. Greif recyclability targets will be benchmarked by weight and consolidated at a company level.
  • Achieve an average of 60% recycled raw material content across products with recycled content targets being consolidated at a company level.
  • Evaluate the sustainability performance for 80% of total spending with suppliers by aiming to increase the evaluation of the sustainability performance of the designated companies. 

With industrial packaging, it should come as no surprise that since 2017 paper-based packaging consumption has grown nearly 20% across the US. The sector is forecast to reach over $108 billion, with an estimated 81 million metric tons expected to be produced, by the end of 2021.

The reusable and refillable packaging segment is currently one of the most dynamic sectors of the market in 2022.  Due in part to rapid growth fueled by innovative formats and the need to enact more planet-friendly business models. 

“These 2030 targets reflect our determination as a global company to do our part in building a more sustainable future for our people and the planet,” said Ole Rosgaard, President and Chief Executive Officer of Greif. “Together, they create a roadmap to success for our customers, colleagues, and the communities in which we operate and serve.”

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