GE Mobile Gas Turbines Lower Emissions, Support Grid Resilience

Mobile Energy

(Credit: GE)

by | Dec 7, 2022

Mobile Energy

(Credit: GE)

Energy resilience can be a constant concern in many areas, and finding ways to keep the grid reliable and sustainable is an important task, with offerings such as GE Gas Power’s mobile gas turbines meeting some of those needs.

The GE mobile gas power technology, usually used for emergency use, can meet strict emissions requirements as well as help with grid resilience, the company says. GE developed an enhanced platform for its aero-derivative gas turbines deployed at California Department of Water Resources sites in Yuba City and Roseville has reduced emissions by more than 90%, meeting World Bank and state standards.

In addition to reducing emissions, GE says the technology will support the state’s energy grid. California has faced numerous high-energy demand events recently, including wildfires and a heat emergency earlier this year that threatened power outages.

GE says the technology can enhance renewable energy use as well as support grid resilience. The technology can be quickly deployed to meet peak demand periods, the company says.

The platform uses a selective catalytic reduction technology system. It removes emissions through a catalytic converter transforming nitrogen oxides contained in exhaust gas into water vapor and nitrogen, helping to produce low-carbon energy.

An individual turbine can produce up to 34 megawatts of electricity. The turbines can provide full power in five minutes, which allows them to support the grid in case of emergencies or loss of power. GE says the turbines were successfully used during the state’s heatwave in September 2022 when the California Independent System Operator issued energy emergencies and demand broke records.

California, which has implemented numerous energy initiatives, also widely uses technology like microgrids, distributed energy resource management systems, and is expanding the use of hydrogen as part of reliable energy transitions.

GE’s gas turbines have been a part of other sustainability measures internationally. The company has used them as part of carbon capture projects in Asia and has partnered with Shell to lower the emissions at liquid natural gas facilities.

GE’s trailer-mounted gas turbines are derived from jet-engine technology and there are more than 300 units installed worldwide. The company says the turbines can serve as a baseload bridge to permanent power installations or for generating backup power.

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