NEP Releases Energy Reporting Tool for Apartments


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by | Nov 1, 2022


(Credit: Pixabay)

Nationwide Energy Partners, an energy services company serving apartment communities, has announced the release of a new data-driven energy reporting tool known as ApartmentFacts. 

ApartmentFacts provides access to key utility usage data points for every individual apartment in a multifamily community, allowing owners, property managers, and residents access to better, more informed decisions about their energy usage based on historical facts. Featured unit attributes in every report are unit location, number of bedrooms, square footage, type of heat, and more. 

Among the benefits these first-of-its-kind reports provide is access to a minimum of three years of historical energy usage by apartment. When made accessible by the property, this data provides current and future residents visibility into the historical energy usage and costs in their apartments to help them better understand the “total cost” of living in their specific unit. 

Property owners and their management teams benefit from visibility into vacant unit energy costs and early maintenance issue recognition, potentially saving hundreds of dollars. Property management is provided control over resident report accessibility.

“The unique nature of the master and submetering relationship Nationwide Energy Partners enables for apartment communities means we can provide and analyze historical energy usage data in a way that has never previously been available,” said Timothy J. Harper, President of Nationwide Energy Partners. “When apartment communities are in full control of their own metering and data streams, these innovative types of analysis are enabled, benefitting both residents and property owners alike.”

Each ApartmentFacts report is specific to a single unit at a property. Designed to be easily read and understood, ApartmentFacts features key unit attributes, full-color charts, and a full year of electric and water data (if applicable).

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