Multinational Companies Announce New Climate Learning Programs

(Credit: Deloitte)

by | Oct 3, 2022

climate learning program

(Credit: Deloitte)

In order to reduce carbon emissions and reduce the effects of climate change, public and private actions are needed to enact collective change; this includes the business community and their employees. Two companies currently focused on sparking collective change within their own ranks include Deloitte and Bain & Company.

Bain & Company plans to train all consultants internationally in ESG within months via classes at 12 universities around the world. Deloitte has also begun to roll out a new climate learning program for all 330,000 of its employees worldwide.

The programs aim to inform, challenge and inspire employees and consultants to learn about the impacts of climate change and navigate their contribution to addressing climate change by making responsible choices.

What exactly are these climate learning programs?

By increasing climate literacy and building the skills required to address climate change, Deloitte’s new learning program, developed in collaboration with World Wildlife Fund (WWF), is designed to engage all Deloitte people around the world on the impacts of climate change and inform them about how Deloitte is responding to the climate crisis.

The digital learning program consists of a module which features videos, interactive data visualizations, and personal testimonials from Deloitte people taking climate action around the globe. As the training is rolled out over the next six months, it will mark the next step of Deloitte’s mission to address climate change and build a culture of climate consciousness and action.

Bain & Company is offering an accelerated and specialized post-graduate-level global ESG training program to train all its consultants across the firm at universities that include Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Imperial College London, HEC Paris, and Melbourne Business. The initiative is part of the company’s focus on supporting sustainable transitions to drive positive impact for all its clients, and “supports the firm’s aim to integrate ESG into 100% of client work,” the company says.

Deloitte’s new program builds on its climate and sustainability initiative globally, WorldClimate. Launched in September 2020, this strategy outlines Deloitte’s goal to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and promotes “green” operations across all its regions.

Deloitte has recently invested $1 billion and is building an expansive network of sustainability experience to help companies work toward defining and achieving sustainability and climate goals.

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