Data Enhanced Refrigeration Control System Increases Cold Storage Energy Efficiency

Cold Chain

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by | Oct 10, 2022

Cold Chain

(Credit: Pixabay)

A report by the United Kingdom Parliament says global electricity demand to meet the needs for cooling space is expected to triple by 2050, with the fastest demand expected in the industrial and transportation sectors, largely due to cold chains. Dave Sholtis, CEO of M&M Carnot and Logix, says refrigeration accounts for 15% of the world’s electricity use. In a cold storage facility, refrigeration accounts for 54% of the building’s energy demand.

Now, a new partnership between Ndustrial, M&M Carnot, and Logix will help increase energy efficiency, reduce carbon intensity, and lower operating costs for food processing and cold storage facilities by using enhanced data integrated with a refrigeration control system.

The partnership will use Ndustrial’s energy intensity platform and establishes a direct data feed with M&M Carnot’s control system and Logix’s refrigeration control system with associated data. The Internet of Things-enabled service automates the collection and transfer of energy data, and will provide cold storage facilities with information that will help reduce energy intensity and cost, the companies say.

The system will let operators of the facilities view all refrigeration controls in one interface, improve blast freezing cycle times and utilization rates, and control electric loads automatically. The platform also will remotely optimize energy costs at each facility.

The cold chain, which helps keep food, medicines, and other goods at temperatures suitable for use, is energy- and carbon-intensive. Ndustrial CEO Jason Massey says the partnership gives cold storage facilities the data needed to tackle energy intensity issues and to help improve efficiency. He also says it could open the door to new innovations.

“Managing energy well has become table stakes for industrial facilities, and we provide the data required to track Carbon Intensity metrics – metrics that identify more energy-efficient processes,” Massey says.

Ndustrial has an energy intensity platform that can control peak energy loads for refrigeration and industrial facilities. The company says the system reacts to peak demand by shutting down refrigeration controls in 10 minutes and increasing their available energy flexibility nearly tenfold.

Ndustrial also added Scope 3 emissions reporting capabilities to its software. The company’s platforms have aided improved energy efficiency efforts in other industries as well and Ndustrial says it saved Tire and scrap recycling business Genan $1 million in energy costs.

Maryland-based M&M Carnot acquired Logix in February 2022. Logix developed a carbon dioxide controller system using automation and Internet of Things integration. M&M Carbnot’s industrial and commercial applications include refrigerated warehouses, food processing, pharma, data centers, and supermarkets.

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