Worley Acquires Minera to Improve Mining Sustainability

Worley Mining

(Credit: Worley)

by | Jul 5, 2022

Worley Mining

(Credit: Worley)

As part of an effort to extract minerals in more sustainable ways by using new technologies, Worley has acquired Minera Mining Technologies.

The acquisition will help Worley with automated systems, fleet decarbonization and electrification, and optimizing operations to reduce mining’s impact. Worley says the acquisition will strengthen the company’s energy transition and help with developing improved targets to achieve more sustainable mining.

Minera is based in Western Australia and its mining, technical, and geological consultants work with mine owners to automate and decarbonize their operations. The company uses technology platforms and automation to help mines reach those targets.

Minera plans and develops technology programs for mining operations that fit within their current processes and can help them improve on their existing technology. The company also works with equipment manufacturers and outside technology providers to design and deploy the platforms.

“Automation will remain a puzzle unless miners develop horizons that plan the practical application across their assets,” says Martin Boulton, director of Minera.

Automation is becoming a key piece in efficiency transitions across industries. Automated systems can help lower energy and fuel use and predict potential interruptions in operations.

That kind of technology is a growing piece of sustainability efforts in mining as the industry faces challenges with low-carbon transitions. Mining produces 4% to 7% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, according to McKinsey, and an even greater share of Scope 3 emissions. A case study by Ericsson showed that Boliden Aitik mine in Sweden cut more than $2.5 million off operating costs using automation.

Others in the industry have invested in advancing technologies such as Rio Tinto installing artificial intelligence-controlled solar power at a mine in California, or BHP Western Australia Iron Ore using battery-operated locomotives for its transport.

Worley says the deal is part of its goal to achieve 75% of its revenue from sustainable practices within five years. The terms of the Minera deal were not disclosed.

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