Carlsberg Group Reveals Trial of a New Plant-Based Bottle and Sustainably Brewed Beer

(Credit: Carlsberg Group)

by | Jun 22, 2022

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(Credit: Carlsberg Group)

Carlsberg Group has revealed the trial of its new plant-based Fibre Bottle. With a continued focus on evolving technology and sustainable practices, the bottle also contains beer brewed with organic and regenerative barley.

The pilot will see 8,000 Fibre Bottles being sampled in eight Western European markets: Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, United Kingdom, Poland, Germany and France. The bottles will be placed distributed at select festivals and flagship events, as well as at targeted product samplings.

A significant milestone for the Fibre Bottle is its plant-based PEF polymer lining, which has been developed by Carlsberg’s partner Avantium. PEF is made entirely from natural raw materials, is compatible with plastic recycling systems, and can degrade into nature should it end up outside national recycling systems.

Beyond its sustainable packaging benefits, PEF functions as a highly effective barrier between the beer and the fiber outer shell, protecting the taste and fizziness of the beer better than conventional fossil-fuel-based PET plastic. The outer shell of the bottle, produced by the packaging company Paboco, consists of sustainably-sourced wood fiber and is also bio-based. This shell has the added benefit of insulative properties which can help keep beer colder for longer, compared to cans or glass bottles.

Advancements have not been limited to the bottle itself, as Carlsberg has also bottled a more sustainable brew for its 2022 consumer trials. In collaboration with barley malt supplier Soufflet, Carlsberg has brewed a beer with barley that has been cultivated using fully organic and regenerative agricultural practices. More specifically, cover crops have been grown in the organic barley fields to contribute some additional benefits of regenerative farming.

While Carlsberg says the flavor of the beer will not be affected, the methods used to farm the barley are set to improve farmland biodiversity, enhance soil health, and increase natural carbon sequestration by the soil versus conventional farming methods.

Other beer companies seeking to make more sustainable products include Corona, which has launched a 100% biodegradable and compostable six-pack made from 100% barley straw in India, and Anheuser-Busch, which is partnering with Cambrian to implement new water reuse technology in connection with its breweries. 

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