VelocityEHS Launches Platform To Assess In-Use Chemicals for Potential Harm

(Credit: VelocityEHS)

by | May 10, 2022

(Credit: VelocityEHS)

Global enterprises can achieve long-term competitive advantages by assessing and reducing their use of hazardous materials and minimizing their overall risk profiles based on the latest science and data. VelocityEHS, a company focused on cloud-based EHS and ESG software, announced today it is partnering with Praedicat, an emerging risk analytics company, to launch a Green Chemistry offering as part of the Accelerate Platform that tackles critical ESG challenges through the AI components of natural language processing (NPL) and machine learning.

Specifically, VelocityEHS Green Chemistry deploys Praedicat’s patented technology to actively scan thousands of scientific journals in real-time to continually assess and update the risk profile of in-use chemicals based on the potential to cause harm.

“Customers will be able to do predictive risk profiling for chemicals quickly and easily identifying safer alternatives ahead of the competition,” says John Damgaard, CEO of VelocityEHS. “That means delivering outstanding outcomes for investors and frontline employees alike.”

In April, the company added Active Causes & Controls to its Accelerate Platform. The ActiveEHS powered Active Causes and Controls feature helps companies reduce training time, maintain process consistency across locations, and focus on implementing changes that maximize business results. The solution then guides users through suggested root causes and job improvement controls. Recommendations are based on AI and machine learning insights fed by data collected from hundreds of global enterprise customers and millions of MSD risk data points.

In the past few  years, companies like Hasbro have begun to focus on the risk profiles of chemicals in their products as part of their ESG goals. Hasbro, for example, published an official Materials and Chemical Management Policy to guide the specification, sourcing and screening of materials and chemicals in product and packaging for all Hasbro products worldwide. 

VelocityEHS’s platform hopes to help other companies reach similar goals and advance EHS and ESG markers.

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