Tequila Company Buen Vato’s Cardboard Bottle Reduces Shipping Costs, Emissions

(Credit: Buen Vato)

by | May 20, 2022

(Credit: Buen Vato)

The tequila company Buen Vato has invested in sustainable manufacturing processes in order to produce a cardboard bottle. Stockholm-based distributor Alias Smith says the bottle is lighter to transport and offers major CO2 reduction in comparison to traditional industry methods.

In 2019, the company spent almost 1,500 hours reshaping the processes and physical structure of one of its best providers and took part in The Swedish Beverage Industry’s Climate Initiative (DKI) with the goal of reducing the industry’s carbon footprint. Subsequently, the company decided to invest in projects with the lowest possible negative impact.

The company says making the cardboard bottle uses six times times less energy and 1.9 liters less  water than the average glass tequila bottle.

The spirit is produced in small batches in Amatitán Jalisco, Mexico.

Other companies switching to more eco-friendly paper-based packaging include Kraft Heinz, which is teaming up with Pulpex to develop a paper-based, renewable, and recyclable bottle made from 100% sustainably sourced wood pulp. Heinz is the first sauce brand to test the potential of Pulpex’s sustainable paper bottle packaging for its range of condiments.

The Bumble Bee Seafood Company is also eliminating an estimated 23 million pieces of plastic waste per year by changing its multipack can product packaging from shrink wrap to readily recyclable paperboard cartons. The change will apply to all multipacks produced by Bumble Bee.

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