Majority of UK Businesses Have Chosen Environmentally Conscious Vendors for e-Waste: Study

(Credit: EuroPC)

by | May 31, 2022

(Credit: EuroPC)

More than two-thirds (64%) of UK business owners admit they’ve made the switch to partner with an environmentally conscious vendor when it comes to refurbishing technology, shows a new study by EuroPC. The company has surveyed 2,200 UK business owners to understand why UK businesses are now choosing to partner with environmentally conscious vendors for recycling e-waste.

The most common reasons that UK business owners have elected to partner with such vendors are:

  •       Protect the reputation of the business – 48%
  •       Eliminate compliance risks – 21%
  •       Ensure data is destroyed – 20%
  •       Reduce carbon footprint – 11%

The study was completed as part of EuroPC’s ongoing investigation into the relationship between refurbished technology and sustainability. As such, UK business owners were also quizzed on possible initiatives such as having “drop-off” points for e-waste recycling, to which just 18% said they have an existing scheme in place but over three quarters said they are open to trialing it (76%). Only 6% of UK business owners said they have no interest in the initiative.

Over four-fifths of UK business owners said they have spent time over the last year assessing whether it is worth trying to repair their own equipment rather than sending it straight to recycling or having a vendor that does it for them (82%). When asked why they would opt against repairing their own equipment, the most frequent answers were lack of time (36%), the cost of doing so (30%), and not knowing how to repair the equipment (25%).

Over two thirds of UK business owners also said they’d be interested in taking part in repair initiatives as well, as the cost of repairing equipment is significantly lower than replacing it (68%).

When asked which technology business owners felt they needed the most help with – whether it was not knowing how to recycle it, not knowing how to repair it or any other assistance – and led them to partner with a vendor, the most frequents answers were: 

  •       Laptops – 38%
  •       Phones – 33%
  •       PCs – 20%
  •       Tablets – 14%
  •       Monitors – 9%

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